Orientation leader strikes back

By Staff Writer
February 12, 2004

As an orientation leader last summer, and as a returner this year, I agree with Jeff Foley in his statement of "Nothing compares to the feeling an OL would feel when he or she meets their orientation group for the first time." I would just like to make an addition to that comment. Nothing compares to the feeling an OL gets when he or she meets their fellow orientation leaders for the first time.

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to work with a group of 16 amazing people, the orientation staff of 2003. Some I knew, some I didn’t. Some I got to know very well and others I’m still learning about to this day. But for the orientation staff, there were always learning experiences. I would just like to recognize some that you may have missed from the training.

First of all, respect. I think that whether you know Dr. Lysionek and her profession on this campus or not, you should show the administration enough respect to investigate her profession. She is the Vice President of Student Development, and I’m sure that she’d be willing to have a discussion with you about what exactly she “does.” Also, you mention that Jason Bozzone is a staff member of Residence Life. The only thing that Residence Life and Student Activities have in common is their office space.

Second of all, vision. What do you see yourself getting from writing this letter? I’m not sure exactly why you wrote this to begin with. Was it to warn people not to be orientation leaders? Was it to make you feel better about being fired? Or was it to let people know that sometimes in order to be a leader, you might have to sacrifice some things for the 56 hours that you are an employee of the college and not a student? Regardless, it was uncalled for.

Thirdly, community. While it was incredibly unfortunate that the orientation leaders had to say goodbye to Jeff and Chris that day in July, your letter seems to possess this idea that we were happy to see you leave. We weren’t. We enjoyed the training and everything else with each other, as well as you both. I hope that you agree with me that the OLs of last summer were a community. You even said so yourself that “The friendship we, the orientation leaders, had over the summer was something that could not be broken.” That friendship that we had was not only a friendship of people that could pile mattresses into the Great Room of Xavier to watch movies all night, but also a friendship that had the loyalty and trust in one another that we wouldn’t break the bonds that “orientation business is orientation business.”

Finally, excellence. By definition, excellence is “the state, quality, or condition of excelling; superiority.” While you were given an opportunity to be an orientation leader, you chose to separate yourself from that bond. Whereas we decided to follow the rules that we made up ourselves, you chose not to. Is that unfortunate? Of course. Did we want you to leave? Of course not. Did we miss you during the last week and a half of orientation? Of course. It was an awkward situation for everyone, not just you, and I have personally tried to keep in touch with both of you. And while you have decided not to reapply this year, I can honestly say that the experience will not be the same without you.

I know that the core values of Cabrini College was something that we stressed during orientation, but those who learned the real meaning would have the RESPECT to realize that the EXCELLENT experience with a COMMUNITY of others is worth more money that is enVISIONed. Therefore, not getting paid this summer is not only fine with me, it’s an honor.

Thank you,

Stefanie Ciarrochi


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Staff Writer

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