Organization to reward individual proving Bush’s service in National Guard

By Kristen Catalanotto
September 16, 2004

A $50,000 reward was offered by the group Texans for Truth. The group is offering the reward to anyone who can show proof that President George W. Bush served his required time in the Alabama National Guard in 1972. President Bush’s aides shrugged off the allegations as partisan attacks. CBS reportedly uncovered documents stating the President refused to take part in a physical examination. CBS is standing by their reporting, according to CNN.

Oprah pulls off surprise for first show

Oprah Winfrey shocked her studio audience and her audience of millions at home on Monday, Sept. 13th. Winfrey began the first show of her 19th season with surprising everyone in the audience with a new car. All 276 studio guests received a new General Motors G6. The cars were donated to the show by GM in exchange for a full half hour of talking about the new vehicle on the show. The Oprah Winfrey Show has been popular since it premiered, but the last season she received more viewers than any other season and those viewers seem to be getting younger, according to the Washington Post.

Man pleads guilty concerning ID theft

Phillip A. Cummings, a 35 year old software help desk worker, pleaded guilty for being responsible for one of the countries biggest identity theft scams in history. Cummings stole identities of more than 33,000 customers which added up to between $50-100 million dollars. “I didn’t know the magnification,” Cummings said to the court. He claimed he didn’t know that those he gave the information to would do so much damage to others, according to MSNBC.

Ivan focuses in on eastern U.S.

The southeaster U.S. is bracing for the wrath of Hurricane Ivan. The latest coordinates have the storm making landfall near the Mobile, Ala. coastline. The storm is currently a category four hurricane with the possibility of intensifying or becoming weaker. Residents of Fla. Are breathing a sigh of relief. They have managed to doge the Ivan, but were heavily impacted by two hurricanes, Charley and Frances, in the past two weeks.

Baghdad hit multiple times

Baghdad was hit by a suicide car bomb on Tuesday, Sept. 14th. The bomb went off in a crowd of men hoping to join the Iraqi police force. There were reports of at least 47 people dead and 114 others injured. The attackers weren’t finished. Another attacked took place in the city of Baquba, just outside of Baghdad. They then moved back to Baghdad and set off another suicide car bomb, but the only individual killed in the third attack was the bomber, according to the New York Times.

Americans distrust government

According to a recent survey, in the case of a smallpox or dirty bomb attack most Americans would not trust the federal government to take care of the situation. Americans would rather take steps on their own, which could put their families in danger. Officials hope that working with communities a little more will help change the negative mindset, according to Reuters.

Pitcher arrested after game

Texas Rangers pitcher was arrested on Tuesday,

Sept. 14th after he threw a chair into the stands. His team was being taunted by the fans after the game became tied. A fans nose was broken due to the flying chair. He was released from jail after paying $15,000 in bail, according to CBS News.

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Kristen Catalanotto

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