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By Cecelia Francisco
September 16, 2004

This year, the Office of Student Activities has received a 59 percent increase in their budget. As a result, they are allowed to approve more new student organizations.

The two newest student-run organizations of the year are the Republican National Committee of Cabrini and the Student Democrat Association. Both of these groups have been formed this year with the intent of encouraging college students, Republican and Democrat, between the ages of 18 and 24 to get out and vote for their future.

“The Republican National Committee of Cabrini is a student organization open to all, formed this year through Cabrini, to encourage students to become involved in this year’s election.” Senior English/communication major and RNC member Ryan Norris said.

“The Student Democrat Association is a group on campus made up of students who would like to spread not only the ideology of the United States but also the American values such as respect, pride and diversity that have helped shape this country; in the hopes that it will unite students at Cabrini, Republicans and Democrats, for the ultimate goal, which is to get 18 to 24 year olds to vote in November.” Junior English/communication major and President of SDA, Ryan Cox said.

“Instead of advertising for Michael Moore, the RNC focuses on getting knowledge out for this election year,” Norris said.

“I just want students to know for the record that SDA is not responsible for the “Fahrenheit 9/11″ flyers around campus. Those are from the Student Government Association,” Cox said.

Any student wishing to start a new student organization must go to the Office of Student Activities to obtain a “Student Organization Application” and then identify that you are applying for a registration. The form must include the organization’s proposed name, purpose, at least 5 interested members’ names, a membership contact list, interest category and the faculty/staff advisor, which has been selected for your organization.

Next, submit a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet of your officers and members with the following information: Full Name, Student ID number, on/off campus address, On-Campus phone number, Cabrini e-mail account, and other e-mail account.

After this is completed OSA will issue you a tentative registration that will be allowed for 30 days until final approval of your organization. Within those 30 days the organization must submit a constitution. If the deadline is surpassed with no constitution the tentative registration will be revoked.

Some things that should be included in the constitution are affiliates with local, state and national groups, group membership requirements, advisor’s term or service and selection process, officer’s titles, terms of office, election process, purpose, amendments, meetings, etc.

To obtain a guideline and application to register a student organization, go to the Office of Student Activities or call their office at 610-902-8410 to learn more.. To learn more about other student organizations visit

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Cecelia Francisco

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