Open Mic Night hosts creative talents

By Jill Fries
September 25, 2008

Singers/songwriters, musicians, CAP Board, Cabrini choir and a giant crowd of more than 100 people filled the patio of Cabrini’s mansion last Thursday night for Open Mic Night.

CAP Board sponsored the night which was filled with entertainment and co-hosted by Cabrini’s choir, who sold refreshments to raise money for a choir trip to Vienna, Austria.

Cav Sound, including seniors Kara Schneider and Matt Perks, gave the night more life with the sound system.

“The night went really well. More people than usual came tonight, which made it more fun,” Katie Juliana, sophomore social work and sociology major, said.

The audience heard original music and poems, several bands, duets, soloists and much more.

CAP Board brings social, cultural and educational programs to Cabrini with events like Open Mic Night. Events are mostly free and open to all students.

Several freshmen performed for the first time here at Cabrini.

“My first experience was great. Everyone was really open and chill. There was a great vibe from the crowd, but I was so nervous,” Bit Hess, freshman undeclared major, said. She started performing in eigth grade and wrote music since elementary school.

After only preparing for three days, she sang two original songs. “I will definitely perform again, but I’ll be more prepared next time.”

The cool night got chillier and was getting later, causing the crowd to slowly disappear. The performers did not get discouraged though and the talent was just as strong as earlier.

Open Mic had a special guest for the end of the night. It was an original band from Villanova called 5 Point, including sophomores Bryan O’Mara, Kevin Tymon and Ryan Mahoney.

The sound of bongo drums gave the night a little twist to the music that was heard all night. The band has been together for 10 months and plans to come back to Cabrini for a second performance. “We decided to email every local college because our music is appreciated at this age,” O’Mara said.

“There were so many great acts tonight, I couldn’t even tell you my favorite,” Christina Flood, sophomore undeclared major, said. “I will definitely be at the next Open Mic.”

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Jill Fries

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