Open house celebrates new location for arts

By Lauren Mineo
October 31, 2002

Gleaming with pride, fine arts professor, Cassandre Maxwell said, “We’re showing off our new center today.” The official grand opening of the new fine arts department took place on Tuesday, Oct. 22 from noon to 2 p.m. amidst the new facilities in the Widener Center. Their old location was in the basement of Holy Spirit Library, now housing a study area and the Information Technology and Resources computer lab.

“We spent 26 years in the library. It was so dismal,” Dr. Adeline Bethany, chair of the fine arts department, said. The old art department, located in the basement, had only one small classroom and one studio. Fine arts professor

Lisa Learner-Wagner said, “From the windows, we used to have to stare at squirrels and people’s feet, now we can stare at trees. We’re so happy to have moved up, literally and figuratively.”

Professors of the fine arts department believe that their previous surroundings simply did not contribute to the type of environment that is essential to creating art. Commenting on the new center, Learner-Wagner said, “There’s a sense of vibrancy. Everyone’s more creative. It’s conducive to doing good art.”

Senior studio art major Jennifer Ferrell said, “It’s nice and bright and connected to the rest of the world.” The new facility is located on the second floor of the Widener Center just above the food court and school store. Many students who never would have wandered down to the basement of the library, now have the opportunity to observe the studios and student work displayed along the hallway. “People are stopping by and stopping in. It’s a whole new world,” Bethany said.

The two new studios are spacious, bright and extremely inviting. Sophomore business major Kristan Bush said, “It makes me want to take art class and I’m not really an artist.”

In addition to the new studios is a music room, which exists next to the lecture hall on the second floor. All of the fine art faculty offices are now located in the same hallway on the second floor of the Widener Center.

“I am very thankful to the administration for completing this,” Bethany said.

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Lauren Mineo

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