‘Oodles’ of more taste

By Katherine Brachelli
December 1, 2005

M’m M’m good! No, I’m not talking about Campbell’s soup or Cup Noodles. I’m talking about the convenient and great tasting Ramen Noodles. There has been great controversy on Cabrini’s campus as to which soup is better: Ramen Noodles or Cup Noodles. What is there not to like about Ramen Noodles?

Growing up I can remember fighting with my friends and family members as we battled over who was getting the last serving of “Oodles of Noodles.” “Oodles and Noodles” was the name given to Ramen Noodles due to its popularity, in the Eastern United States. To this day, Ramen Noodles still proves to be popular even on college campuses.

Yes, I have tried Cup Noodles, but after I have eaten it I am always disappointed. I like that it is so easy and quick to make. Nonetheless, it does not share the same fresh taste as Ramen Noodles and does not look appetizing. Sometimes not all those noodles are mixed into the hot water. They leave you with that uninviting crunchy noodle in your mouth. That one crunchy noodle serves as a nagging constant reminder that you chose to eat another instant product. Ramen Noodles forces you to cook every noodle so you are guaranteed not to have that one crunchy noodle lurking in your soup. Also, I have always felt as though there is more soup provided by Ramen Noodles than Cup Noodles.

Another reason that I favor Ramen Noodles over Cup Noodles is that unfortunately in the past, I ran into an incident where Cup Noodles had sprung a leak. The soup smelled great but the burning soup that was left on my leg has left me with very negative feelings towards Cup Noodles. Since that negative episode I had with Cup Noodles, I fear for the other people who may encounter that rare case where Cup Noodles leaks all over them.

As college students we are always in a rush and sometimes it’s even hard to find time to eat. Although Cup Noodles is very convenient by having to pour some hot water in a cup and stirring it up, I feel that Ramen Noodles has a better taste. Ramen Noodles only takes about three minutes to make and all you need is hot water. It’s easy to store Ramen Noodles anywhere because it’s small and light. Did I mention it’s not that expensive?

If you are craving salt and don’t want to turn to that greasy bag of potato chips you can always rely on Ramen Noodles to get rid of that salt craving. Also, what other food product can you leave lying around your room without having to worry about it expiring? Ramen Noodles practically never expires. Ramen is a dry soup rather than canned. This offers several benefits. One is that the noodles and seasonings are prepared fresh, not reheated. Did I mention that it comes in over 15 flavors? It’s almost impossible to find a flavor that you don’t like because there are so many.

Believe it or not, Ramen Noodles allows us to resort to more than the average bowl of soup. There are a variety of salads that can be made by cooking the noodles and it doesn’t take much more than 10 minutes. It is just a matter of grabbing a few extra ingredients. Can Cup Noodles serve as more than a cup of soup? Sorry to say, but I have never heard Cup Noodles being capable of serving as more than a simple cup of soup.

If you ever want to chill and enjoy some soup, Ramen Noodles is definitely the way to go.

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Katherine Brachelli

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