One and Done

By Nicholas Rayner
April 10, 2012

In 2005 the NBA created a rule that stated no player could enter the NBA draft without being 19, and one year removed from high school. The rule has changed the NBA and the college game drastically. College basketball has pretty much become a farm system for NBA teams.  Many players attend college because they have to, their mindset is to play one year and then go to the draft. Even if the player is not highly touted they tend to still leave school and play overseas if not drafted. Very rarely do we see players graduate college, if they have NBA talent whether it’s a lottery pick or a late second round selection they will leave school and play professionally. Over the years we have seen many star college players attend school for a year and then leave for the NBA. Many of them have had immediate success like Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, and Derrick Rose. Others have had the trouble making the transition like Michael Beasley, John Wall, Greg Oden, O.J. Mayo, and Tyrus Thomas.  All of these players were all-americans in college but only stayed one year because they knew they would be high-picks meaning the money was too good to pass up.

I don’t endorse the current NBA draft rule. I believe that high school players should have the choice to enter the draft but if they sign with a college they have to make a three year commitment to that school.  Just like in college football.  By giving the high-school players this option it will stabilize college basketball and make the field more competitive. It seems like every year the same schools re-load with the top high school players. By initiating this rule it will force every school to obtain their players for three years, and it will make teams more stable. Coaches won’t have to worry about recruiting kids that will only stay a year. They know that they are guaranteed three years from a player. This will also mean that these young men will be attending college for three years, this will improve graduation rates dramatically. This rule would also make players more mature and independent in their decisions in making the transition to the NBA. It might only seem like three years, but being 21 is a big difference from 18. These players will be better prepared when leaving college and will have other career options if playing professional basketball doesn’t work out. This is why the NBA should let the player make the decision don’t’ make it for him. Every player is different.

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Nicholas Rayner

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