Oh, the Places You’ll Go

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February 5, 2004

The New Residence Hall
Total capacity: 254

Room 2S4 occupies sophomores Kacie Green and Carrie Kauffman. Green pulled number 34 in last year’s housing lottery. “We got a good number and we picked this room,” Green said.
The bunked beds make enough room for a couch in the roomy double. “It’s a good atmosphere,” Green said. “I have no complaints.”

House 1
Total capacity: 22

Occupying room 6 are sophomores Jess Winters and Kristen Tharan who are very happy that their number 11 lottery number still got them a good room. “We wanted to live in House 2,” Tharan said.
The triple room became a double this spring, when the girls’ third roommate moved out. “It’s far away from everything, but I love it,” Tharan said.

House 2
Total capacity: 80

Junior Todd Boyek picked number 97 in last year’s lottery and ended up living in what he says is “the best house.” “I wanted to live here,” Boyek said. He was placed with sophomore Brad Kammerer in the fall in room 217.
Boyek’s only complaint is that people disrespect the bathrooms. Otherwise, he is happy being a House 2 resident.

House 3
Total capacity: 21

Number 62 was too low for juniors Patti Aylmer and Maria Moglioni to get into the Cabrini Apartment Complex, so they opted for their second choice. “I didn’t initially want to live there, now I love it,” Moglioni said.
Moglioni and Aylmer live in room 7. “If we don’t get in the CAC next year, we want to live here rather than House 5 or 6,” Moglioni said.

House 4
Total capacity: 27

Room 6 is what juniors Jackie McGuckin and Kim Reagoso call home. The girls ended up getting their first choice. “We love our house,” McGuckin said.
McGuckin and Reagoso have several reasons to be happy. “The girls are great,” McGuckin said. Not only is the bottom floor made up of all education majors, but as Reagoso said, “There’s no one above us.”

House 5
Total capacity: 27

They had the absolute last pick in last year’s housing lottery and still ended up with housing. Room 3 houses juniors Chad Metzelle and Tom Langston.
Metzelle said, “The room is ridiculously small for two people and the bathroom is always trashed.” Still, Metzelle remains satisfied with his housing. “I like it,” Metzelle said.

House 6
Total capacity: 27

Juniors Jamie Lewis and Jen Beam had the first pick for junior housing last spring. The CAC was filled, so the girls settled for their second choice: House 6, room 9.
Lewis said she has had a good experience. All of her friends are together and they have new bathrooms. However, everyone migrates to House 6 for parties. “Other people don’t respect our property,” Lewis said.

House 7
Total capacity: 34

Returning sophomore Nick Fenton just moved in to room 10 this semester. Fenton is living with current senior Anthony Liuzzi, whose roommate moved out last semester.
“I was looking for housing and they said a room opened up here, so I took it,” Fenton said. “I like it.”

The Cabrini Apartment Complex
Total capacity: 116

Decked out with a full living room equipped with a couch, two chairs, two end tables, a coffee table, one and a half bathrooms, a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and three bedrooms is apartment 302 of the CAC. This is the home of seniors Jim Beck and Dan Jellyman, who said that their experience as CAC residents has not met their expectations.
Upon moving in, Jellyman’s parents had no choice but to help the boys clean the apartment. “It was disgusting,” he said. Jellyman’s number four lottery pick got the boys their room. “The shower is always clogged, there’s no hot water, and the carpets are gross in the hallways,” Jellyman said.

Dorm at Harcum College
Maximum Cabrini student capacity: 40

Residence Life is offering these Harcum College dorms to Cabrini students who do not receive their on-campus preferences this semester.
Each suite is made up of two dorm rooms connected by a single bathroom, which is shared between the occupants. Each room houses two residents.

Information was compiled by Jana Fagotii and Cristin Marcy
Pictures were talken by Heather Dilalla, Kelly Finlan and Jana Fagotti
Posted to the web by Angelina Wagner

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