Off-season field preperation

By Staff Writer
February 5, 2004

The fields that the Cabrini teams play on require special treatment that the groundskeepers provide for them yearly. Facilities manage the fields even when they are not in use by Cabrini teams to ensure perfect care is maintained for the times they are utilized.

The groundskeepers start in late fall by aerating the fields, which helps to relieve compaction. Aeration is also performed in late May on the Cabrini fields for the same reasons.

After that procedure the facilities crew applies organic matter and seed to the ground. The crew drags the fields, which fills-in any small divots and wear spots that are a result from the previous athletic season.

Gus Feudale, grounds manager, said, “The tarps are then put down and they let sun, air and water pass through which acts as a ‘greenhouse’ by keeping the soil temperature warm enough to encourage the seed to germinate in early spring. If the conditions are right, we are able to get a good stand of turf established before spring athletics begin.”

During the athletic seasons, other than regular mowing, the grounds crew throws seed weekly on the goal areas in hope that some of it will germinate and fill in bare spots. The groundskeepers also water the fields as needed for the summer months’ dreaded heat.

Cabrini coaches are encouraged to have their teams avoid practicing on the “game” fields and do so by holding a practice around worn goal areas. Feudale said, “Our goal is to create and maintain a safe playing surface for Cabrini’s athletes.”

For seasons when rain occurs almost too frequently, it can be a challenge keeping the fields playable for Cabrini athletes. The facilities crew must often throw absorbent on the goal areas to soak up any standing water to keep the playing surface safe.

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Staff Writer

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