Officials respond to CAC desk

By Melissa DiPietrantonio
November 21, 2002

There have been many concerns and issues primarily from the residents of the CAC this current semester. In fact, it was the students themselves who ad-dressed their concern to residence life.

In response, a new desk was put in the Cabrini Apartment Complex for the safety and comfort of the residents.

According to David Carpenter, director of student life, there were unescorted guests in the building, a smoke detector was disabled, doors were being propped open and groups of people were entering and roaming the building. There were also a few reported thefts and problems with people’s behavior.

In response to the disabled smoke detector, Charlie Schaffner, director of public safety, said “It is a safety problem that is jeopardizing everybody in that complex.”

Schaffner said, “I think that if residence life feels there is a necessity to monitor the traffic in and out of the building then I feel that we should comply with that. I know that there were some complaints from the residents that some of the damage to the building was being done by people who were not residents of the building. There have been complaints that a large number of freshmen are hanging out in the building also.”

Freshman Cristin Missimer said, “I think it is unfair for the people that live in them because they are old enough to live on their own.”

Carpenter said, “To support the community and for security we put a front desk in there and we will run it until the end of the semester and evaluate whether or not it is going to become a permanent fixture as far as the next phase for increasing the size of CAC.”

Cabrini is looking into putting an addition on the CAC and when that is done, residence life will look into putting a permanent desk in the CAC and determine its hours of operation and how it will be staffed.

Sophomore Jayme Thompson said, “I think it is horrible, however, if people keep taking things that do not belong to them then I guess that is their last resort, to get a public safety officer. I guess I am in between.”

Freshman Kacie Green said, “I think that it is good because it regulates how many people are in the apartments but it also makes you feel like you have no responsibility because you have to sign in to get into the apartments.”

Currently, the RAs sit at the front desk from 8 to 10 p.m. and then public safety guards it until 6 a.m.

The policies are the same as every other building. It has the same visitation rules and expectations.

Sophomore Brad Rink said, “It is independent living. If they pull that when I live there, I will get my lawyer involved.”

Carpenter said, “Thus far we have seen a decrease in problems. We have not had any issues with theft in the building since we started. Certainly a lot less propped doors and a lot less unescorted guests. It is simply making the environment safer and more secure.”

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    Melissa DiPietrantonio

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