No need for weekend bags

By Laura Van De Pette
October 21, 2004

It’s a crazy Thursday night and resident students cannot find a single parking spot on Residential Boulevard. The campus is alive. Every building is booming with voices and the streets are filled with the sounds of a typical Thirsty Thursday.

Friday afternoon comes and the college campus is deserted.

Where does everyone go?

On a typical Friday afternoon I am working in the admission’s office as a student ambassador most likely giving a campus tour to prospective students and their families. We walk through New Residence Hall and I ask them to have a seat in the second floor lounge while I look for a room to show them. I search up and down the halls.

Not a single room on the second floor is opened.

I search the first floor and after 15 unanswered doors, one door is finally opened and the student welcomes me inside. I bring the family downstairs and show the room. As we leave New Residence Hall, the families are unusually quiet.

Then the dreaded questions from puzzled parents. “Is Cabrini a suitcase school?” “Why was that dorm building empty,” another parent asks.

How do I explain this phenomenon? Every weekend I am mystified by the quiet campus and the deserted dorms. Last weekend I counted seven cars between house one and house three. Seven cars! Three of the cars were from my room!

Why has everyone left Cabrini to go home?

Why do students willingly pay nearly 10 thousand dollars every year to live on Cabrini’s campus from Monday to Friday morning?

Would you pay for an expensive sweater and then leave it hanging in your closet all winter?

Would you buy a pair of shoes and then leave them in their box?

I highly doubt it.

So why do you pay for housing at Cabrini and then leave it every weekend?

I have visited friends at several other area colleges and their campuses are as crazy as Cabrini’s on a Thursday night. The difference is these other colleges consider Thursday to be just the beginning to an equally crazy weekend! Why do Cabrini students insist on ending the party on Thursday night? If more students stayed on campus the weekend would simply be a continuation of Thursday night.

I just do not understand how students can throw away 10 thousand dollars every year. What is the big attraction that beckons college students to habitually drive home every Friday after their last class? The best part of the college experience is when a student finishes their classes and their homework and is able to let lose and party with their friends on the weekend.

Why then do Cabrini students ignore the best part of their college experience?

This phenomenon will continue to mystify me and the few other students that stay on Cabrini’s campus every weekend. I cannot encourage the rest of Cabrini’s residents enough to stay just one weekend and experience the campus. I can guarantee that you will have more fun here than with mommy and daddy.

You should give Cabrini a chance this weekend because you are paying for it!

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Laura Van De Pette

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