‘No More Drama’ relates to youth

By Staff Writer
December 6, 2011

"No More Drama" is the sequel to La Jill Hunt's novel "Drama Queen."

I finally got to sit down and actually read national best-selling author La Jill Hunt’s “No More Drama.” I was very excited to read the rest of the book once I read the summary on the back. Hunt is known for her scandalous, romantic, breathtaking books. This book is the sequel to her essence best-selling novel “Drama Queen.” Both books were great and told an amazing story.

Hunt’s books are written for young adults, geared toward the mature ones who can actually handle situations in which the book talks about. After reading the first chapter, you start to understand one thing after another, such as the point that is being made on each page. The book is called “No More Drama,” but it has nothing but drama.

Out of all the books that I have sat down and read, Hunt’s novels catch my attention the most. People enjoy reading about drama with relationships: girlfriends cheating on their boyfriends, your best friend sleeping with your boyfriend behind your back. You can never put the book down because you’re so anxious to know what is going to happen next, or who is sleeping with whom.

The novel is mainly about a guy who is trying to turn his life around, get a new job and the girl of this dreams. But when a problem he thought he had taken care of comes back to haunt him, he might end up losing everything he’s worked so hard to gain. This brings us to his brother, who is recently a reformed “player” who has met “the one.” But when he learns that she has just as many conquests as he does, can he really trust her with having his heart again? The answers are within the hilarious pages of “No More Drama.”

I really enjoy reading novels like this. Every character in the book reminds me of one of my friends, or someone that I have known before. It just relates so much to reality and that’s why it’s a wonderful novel for young mature adults to read or at least consider reading.

The writing in the book is mature and gets deeply into detail.

The book was a well-written novel that almost makes you feel like you have been in a similar situation before. Many adults read her books as well.

Hunt tries to make her books relateable to the young adults. She writes based off of what she thinks our generation faces in the world today. Reading her books makes me feel as if she knows exactly what we go through as we are approaching the “real world.”  I agree with the way she writes because that is what makes a good author: writing about what you know the young generation would want to read about.

This book was a way to grab the young adults’ attention, just as well as she explains in her other novels. You see that Hunt is serious when she writes this book: I did just by reading it.

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Staff Writer

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