50 nights ignored by CAP board

By Lauren Gatto
April 10, 2003

The count down has begun. Saturday, April 5 marked 50 nights until graduation for the senior class. This year’s event was held at Brownie’s 23 East, which was put together by the students.

Questions have been raised as to whether or not Cabrini sponsors events such as 100 nights and 50 nights. Jason Bozzone, director of student activities clarified that there were no records that gave any indication that the school sponsored these kinds of events in the past. Due to the fact that no one came forward with ideas for planning 50 nights Cabrini did not sponsor it, plan it or okay it.

“We did not recognize the event or help plan it in any way because we did not want to risk liabilities if something were to happen,” Bozzone said.

When the senior class held their meeting in January, Bozzone attended and told the seniors what risks should be looked upon and what they needed to consider while making their decision. Included in the meeting were discussions of those students who do not drink alcohol as well as those students who are disabled. Bozzone left it up to the senior class to orchestrate the activities and then bring it to SGA’s attention if they wanted the school to sponsor the event.

SGA is in the process of developing standards for sponsoring events for the future. “One standard that we have decided on is that if the students want to go to a place where there is alcohol there needs to be other alternative activities to do there,” Bozzone said.

A few ideas that were tossed around were Dave & Busters or Jillians. However, no student after the meeting in January approached the topic until it was too late.

Bozzone recommended that future senior classes get started with planning events such as 100 and 50 nights early so that Cabrini could sponsor them given that they fall within the requirements for the college. Furthermore, he stressed that the event cannot just be a trip to a bar.

“Any activity or event whether it is held on campus or off campus must be meaningful and purposeful so that it will benefit all students,” Bozzone said.

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Lauren Gatto

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