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By Samantha Bokoski
September 11, 2008

Cabrini College is finally allowing students their independence?

In the previous visitation policy opinion in the spring semester, Jill Fries and I spoke out against Cabrini’s childish policies. Why should upperclassmen follow the same rules as freshmen, we said. We questioned whether Cabrini allowed us to feel as though we were actually in college.

The old visitation policy was a protection for students not to take part in promiscuous activities. What Cabrini needed to realize is not every resident having an opposite sex stay over is going to indulge in sex acts.

My freshman year we had too many students transfer and obviously something had to be done.

Shockingly, the policy has successfully been changed! The new policy now allows students of the opposite sex to sleep over and extends visitation hours in other dorms.

Thankfully, this allows students to have more of a college life.

This was a huge achievement for Jill and me because this policy attracted a lot of criticism, due to Cabrini being a Catholic College and its beliefs.

The new policy, soon to be in effect, is as follows. You are allowed to have the opposite sex sleepover for a total of 48 hours. They still must be signed in by just letting the guard on duty know they are staying the night/weekend.

However, freshmen abide by the old visitation policy. This is somewhat fair because we did not have the privileges as a freshman either, but honestly I feel this does not make sense. I feel freshmen are the ones we are trying to keep here and we need to give them reason to stay and enjoy college.

Freshmen may not deserve the same privileges of upperclassmen, but Cabrini needs to include the freshmen. If not we will lose students, simple as that.

Cabrini definitely is trying to overprotect students, like a parent, which is not necessary and not what our tuition pays for. I know this will not change the weekends totally, but at least you can have the people you care about actually be allowed to come visit you. I firmly believe this is a big change for Cabrini but only the start.

College is definitely not all fun, education is worked in somehow: but it is not meant to be another home with parents and rules. If Cabrini allows students to have their parties and fun I feel it will pay off for the college immensely. I mean the teen cliché says work hard, play hard.

Samantha Bokoski

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