New video games feed fuel to the fire for gamer addicts

By Melissa Steven
November 12, 2004

Video games are popular sources of entertainment, so what makes them so appealing? “The fun part about video games is playing them and testing yourself to see if you can actually beat the game at all,” Richard Stevenson, a sophomore English and communications major, said. So it is time to turn on that PlayStation 2, Xbox or Nintendo GameCube because these are just some of the newest and hottest games released.

“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is set in a West Coast gangster’s paradise in the 1990s, according to Yahoo! games domain. Scott Fobes, a sophomore psychology major, said, “With GTA San Andreas, my friends have said it’s one of the best games ever made.” It is still the same format as “GTA 3” and “Vice City,” including the profane language, drugs and violence, but it also has many improvements. It has a fresh new setting, the playing time has been extended and it features a brand new soundtrack.

Bobby Maro, a junior English and communications major, said, “I think people will like this game because of the violence involved in it and there is something about the game that can be very addicting.” It can be played with multiple players on PlayStation 2.

In “X-Men Legends” the player gets to become a bunch of superheroes, Stevenson explains. Players can control a group of four heroes, where they can use all of their super powers to defeat classic enemies, but the player can only control one hero at a time. Players can choose between 15 characters, including Wolverine, Cyclops or Storm and many others, according to Yahoo! games domain. It can be played on Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox with multiple players.

“Donkey Konga” is joined by Diddy Kong in this adventure to get the player to drum and clap on their controller to a variety of popular beats. It is rated E for everyone because people of all ages can enjoy this musical game. Also, it can have one or more players. The songs can be played together in unison to create a band. “Donkey Konga” is only available on Nintendo GameCube.

“Karaoke Revolution” is a game based on the players singing talent. The closer the player is to the pitch and rhythm of the song, the better the score will be. It features many genres, such as rock, rap, pop, dance and R&B. Some specific songs include, “Like a Virgin,” “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” This game is able to be played on Xbox and PlayStation 2.

“In ‘Blood Rayne 2’ players are a dark heroine,” Stevenson said. The main character is a half-vampire, half-human blood rayne who hunts down her evil vampire father. Unlike the original “Blood Rayne” it has advanced speed and combat ability along with new spectral projection that allows blood gathering from a distance, according to It is rated mature, which is content suitable for ages 17 or older because of its graphic nature.

These are just some of the latest releases Cabrini students can get their hands on. Jeff Batt, a sophomore graphic design major, said that what makes these games so appealing to play is “the overall fun factor.”

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Melissa Steven

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