New Store, New Fashions

By Staff Writer
March 21, 2002

Just four exits up the Blue Route there is a new addition to the Plymouth Meeting Mall. H & M clothing company opened a store on Saturday, March 8 at noon. Their bright pink sign shines on the second floor and their promise is “fashion and quality at the best price,” according to manager Joseph Kotarski Jr.

Any person walking into this store is sure to be surprised with the first clothing sign being a shirt for $5.50. A little striped Hawaiian-print, cap-sleeved tee that almost sold out in the first weekend. A trip to the store on Saturday and the racks were full and a trip the very next day proved this store’s popularity. Sizes were missing from the racks and that little Hawaiian tee was left to slim picking. Rachel Dinneno, an H&M shopper said, “I love this store so much, I think I could spend my whole pay check here.”

This company started in Sweden in 1947. The company sells clothes for everyone in a household. It actually stated on its website, www.H&, that they sell over 500 million items a year. This store in particular even has a very large area dedicated to children’s clothes. The prices are still great between each department.

The store also has a great accessory line. The accessories are split up between different colors and range from clips and barrettes to handbags and even backpacks. They also have their own lingerie line at very low prices. This line even includes a variety of swimsuits for the upcoming summer season.

It seemed to be the store that had it all. The prices were low on most things but every once in awhile you pull up a tag that is not so cheap. It is obvious that a company cannot keep everything at a price like $5.50, but it was also obvious that they keep the cheaper things in the front to entice the shopper. As you work your way to the back just keep an eye on the prices. Nothing is overly expensive, but it is not all as cheap as they promise either.

Overall, this is a company that does have a lot of nice clothes that seemed to be good quality for good prices. They have the store divided into different types of fashion. From workout clothes to work clothes there is a little for every person.

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Staff Writer

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