Newspapers missed on campus

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October 17, 2002

Chris Jones

What happened to the newspaper? Last semester it was provided, free of charge, for the students and this semester it isn’t. I feel like I’ve been teased.

I didn’t realize how convenient it was to have the paper available to us on campus until I needed it and it wasn’t there. So far this semester I have had three projects that required me to use the newspaper and instead of being able to walk downstairs and pick one up I had to get in my car and go buy one.

Speaking from experience, when you have a project due tomorrow and its 11 p.m. it can be very difficult to find a store that still has the paper in stock. Also, those people who take Dr. Hedtke’s current events class would truly appreciate not having to run to Wawa every week to pick up a paper before class.

Someone might say you don’t need a paper, just go to the newspapers website and get the information you need from there. Obviously this person doesn’t go to Cabrini because then they would know that the Internet is always working when you don’t need it and never working when you do.

Communication and business majors are told that we need to keep up with the news and having a newspaper available to us on campus is a great way to accomplish this. With the busy and diverse schedules of most college students it is nice to be able to take out the paper and catch up on the news when you have some free time. Since not all of us enjoy watching the news on TV and hearing about all the depressing things that happened that day, the paper allows you to turn to whatever section you are interested in reading about and you can do it on your own time and without a computer. Personally, I spend so much time on my computer during the day that the last thing I want to do is sit in front of it when I don’t have to. I would rather take the paper, go lay on my couch and comfortably read.

By making the newspaper easily accessible to students, those who normally wouldn’t pick up a paper might actually read it because you are putting it in front of them. College students are always looking for a way to procrastinate and reading the paper is a great way to procrastinate in an educational fashion.

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