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By Leanne Pantone
April 4, 2002

Queen Mother dies at age of 101

England is still mourning the death of the queen who presided over England during some of her most turbulent times, including WWII. Queen Elizabeth, England’s “Queen Mum” passed away in her sleep during the afternoon of March 30 at the age of 101. According to the NY Times, the queen mother left behind a legacy as being “the strength behind the throne” during the reign of her husband King George VI.

Al Qaeda leader captured

One of Al Qaeda’s principal leaders, who was behind the attack on 9/11 and other failed terrorist attacks to the United States, has been captured. Abu Zubaydah, one of Osama bin Laden’s chief leaders, is under American control and will be tried in a military court of law. According to, Zubaydah “was trying to rebuild the Qaeda terrorist network so that it can mount new attacks against the United States.” Although the Al Qaeda have a huge network of terrorist leaders, the captivity of Zubaydah is considered to be a significant blow to them.

Synagogues burn in France

In response to the violence in the Middle East, France has seen a growing number of attacks on her Jewish community. The five million Muslims that reside in France have made officials second guess whether or not France is turning into an anti-Semitic nation. Over the Passover-Easter holiday, France saw a large number of churches and synagogues burned down by Muslims in reaction to the violence between Israel and Palestine. With the growing hostility in the Middle East, France officials are worried about the remaining Jewish synagogues and schools and are providing more police officers on duty to protect these places from the Muslim terrorists.

Middle East violence gets worse

As part of the campaign against the Palestinians, Israeli forces have raided the West Bank. In the past week, attacks between Israel and Palestine have gotten worse and Arab protests are growing. As the strikes continue to be exchanged between the Israeli and Palestine nations, the death toll of the army members involved is growing rapidly. Diplomats throughout the world, including Gen. Anthony Zinni have not been found in the area.

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Leanne Pantone

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