New service changes still not pleasing students

By Amanda Finnegan
September 30, 2005

Cecelia Francisco

It’s 11 a.m. on a Thursday morning and my dorm room door slams open. My roommate stomps in, all in a huff. She slams her bagel down on the desk and screams, “I just waited 30 freaking minutes at Jazzman’s for a plain bagel!”

She’s not alone. Cries and complaints of how Jazzman’s service has gone downhill can be heard all over campus.

This year, instead of the same person taking your order and preparing your food taking orders, one person at the register takes the order, writes it on a receipt and hands it off. With only one person taking orders as oppose to the normal three or four last year, it creates longer lines and bigger headaches.

I don’t think there is any need to write orders down on a receipt when the person making the order is standing right next to cashier. Jazzman’s is smaller than a dorm room in Woodcrest; it’s not as if it’s a huge kitchen. Whether the receipts were to keep things more organized or Jazzman’s thought it would be easier, something is obviously not working.

In my roommate’s case, her order was smudged of the receipt. One of the women then asked her four different times what she was waiting for and it still took the amount of time to watch an episode Laguna Beach, for Jazzman’s to produce a plain bagel.

It’s also hard to pick up an order when the name being yelled is nowhere even close to my own.

With the biggest freshman class in Cabrini’s history, dining services should have been more prepared. There should be more staff on and more registers open during those high traffic times during the day.

Now the large lunch crowd is even bigger than before. It makes it 10 times more difficult for a student to grab a meal on the go when they are on a 15 minute break from their two- and-a-half hour class.

Other complaints I have heard on campus are that fellow students are having a hard time understanding where exactly to place an order. When I walk into Jazzman’s there are people in line placing orders, people waiting for their order and other people just standing around the counter hanging out. It’s hard to even know where to start.

Jazzman’s is no longer that place I can grab a sandwich between my 12:20 and 12:30 class. It has become a long and drawn out process. The purpose of Jazzman’s was to be able to get quick, good food. Because of the horrendous lines and slow service, the purpose has become obsolete. But then again, maybe the lines wouldn’t be so long if our cafeteria food didn’t rival prison food.

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Amanda Finnegan

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