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By Katie McNulty
March 11, 2005

Harry C. Stonecipher, president and chief executive of The Boeing Company, was asked to step down from his position after an investigation found that he was having an inappropriate affair with another woman working for the Company. Boeing’s chairman, Lewis E. Platt during a conference call with analyst and investors commented on the board’s decision. “It is not the fact that he was having an affair or that he violated our code of conduct. But as we explored the circumstances surrounding the affair we just thought there were some issues of poor judgment that as I said earlier that impaired his ability to lead going forward.” In Platt’s press statement he said that the resignation was not a result of the company’s performance or financial status, which he said, remained strong. “However the C.E.O. must set the standard for unimpeachable professional and personal behavior and the board determined that this was the right and necessary decision under the circumstances,” according to the New York Times.

Stewart back home
On March 7 Martha Stewart , now a one year house arrest ,appeared before fellow employees and told them that their mission is to move forward. “Starting now we must communicate not just the how to but also why in our editorial content.” With President Bush behind her, she appeared to be more determined then ever and embraces love for her employees and thanks all of her supporters. Stewart was in a minimum security prison for five months for lying about stock investments. She is expected to appeal her conviction, but the process will take a significant amount of time, according to MSNBC.

Jackson case hears witness
The younger brother of the teenage boy who is accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse testified on Mar. 1, 2005 stating that Jackson gave them alcohol and showed them sexual images on the internet. He also stated that he, Jackson and the younger brother then slept in the same bed. In hearing this testimony from the younger brother the jury along with Jackson’s own defense was shocked. This testimony was also contradictory because the accuser’s older sister said that these events occurred on a different date then stated previously by the accuser. This testimony is key in this case, according to MSNBC.

Answers sketchy over Italian journalist accident
The White House made a statement saying that the US did not target an Italian journalist. White house Press secretary Scott McCellan said that the car carrying Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena was traveling on one of the most dangerous roads in Iraq when someone shot fire and killed an Italian intelligence officer traveling with her.. He said it was very absurd that someone would make an assumption like that. President Bush called the Prime Minister Silivio to apologize and promised him a better investigation, according to CNN.

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Katie McNulty

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