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By Nicholas Guldin Kelsey Kastrava
October 8, 2009

Iran to send its uranium for Russian medical use

After discussions with the U.S., Iran decided it will allow international inspection of its newly revealed uranium enrichment plant. Iran told Western officials that they plan on sending the enriched uranium to Russia. Russia will be able to use the uranium for the production of medical isotopes. This is a major accomplishment for the West, unless Iran has a secret stockpile of uranium elsewhere that they would use to create nuclear weapons. This decision has served as a sigh of relief for the West.

New York City schools ‘cut the fat’

The Education Department in all New York City schools are limiting both sugar and fat intake that its students are entitled to. This eliminates all bake sales, which are commonly seen as the best way to raise money for clubs and other student organizations. The modification is linked with the wellness policy that restricts what can and cannot be sold in vending machines and cafeterias. According to the Education Department, 40 percent of students in New York City’s elementary and middle schools are overweight. The department has also said that healthy food will promote a healthy mind.

E.P.A. focuses on greenhouse gas emissions

The Obama administration announced on Wednesday, Sept. 30 that it would be moving forward with the greenhouse gas emission rules. These rules will regulate greenhouse gas emissions for hundreds of power plants and larger industrial facilities. This has struck fear into American industries, however, because it requires companies to prove that they are putting forth the best effort to reduce emissions. If they do not, then they will face serious penalties.

3,500 acres of California land burned down

A California fire burned down nearly six square miles in the San Bernardino Mountains in Lytle Creek, Ca. on Sunday, Oct. 4. Approximately 5,000 residents who reside in the area were forced to evacuate until the fire was contained. This fire threatened almost 200 homes. Aircraft firefighters worked to contain it Sunday afternoon. No injuries were reported. Many homes, however, have been damaged along with 3,500 acres of mountainous trees that have been burned to the ground.

Letterman admits to multiple affairs

David Letterman, the comedic mastermind of “The Late Night Show,” was blackmailed recently for having multiple affairs with women who work for him. Letterman came clean on his show Thursday, Oct. 1, calling himself “creepy.” This situation raised questions for both his company and CBS. There is a possibility that it could be described as sexual harassment, or abuse of his power over employees. The situation may cause serious damage to Letterman’s prestigious reputation, which had risen dramatically over the past year.

Nicholas Guldin Kelsey Kastrava

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