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By Justine DiFilippo
March 21, 2002

Irish schools merging together

In Strabane, the elementary school has three teachers for students from over 20 families. In order to better educate the students with a better student to teacher ratio the school has decided to merge with Bready Primary school.

Scotland tired of one mail service

The government of Scotland is trying to stop the monopoly of the mail service. A petition of 10,000 signatures from residents was presented to the government on Tuesday March 19, 2002. The current mail system charges everyone the same rate all over the island. People fear that they will have to pay more to mail letters to their families farther away.

Australian drivers get hit with fines

50,000 Australia’s drivers have decided not to pay their driving violation tickets in the past two years. Since April of 2000 the courts administration authority has suspended 79,000 lasting 60 days.
Under Australians last payment system a ticket that started out as $13 adds up to $45 in 28 days. After six months the ticket is now $250. The unpaid fines have added up to over $14 million. The courts in retaliation are suspending licenses and even repossessing cars for payment.

Justine DiFilippo

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