News Briefs | Issue 19

By Brandon Desiderio
February 29, 2012

Syria posed to reconstruct constitution


On Sunday, Feb. 26, a referendum on a new constitution was held by Syrian officials whose promises of governmental reform have been deemed “too little, too late.”


An attempt at offsetting the increased instances of domestic violence, the referendum also called attention to the views of allies like Russia and China.


Among its most vital alterations are the removal of the Arab Baath Socialist Party from political dominance and the addition of presidential term limits.

Read the original story on | Feb. 26, 2012


Personality disorders overdiagnosed in military

Approximately 31,000 service members in the military have been pardoned from duty since 2001 as a result of diagnoses with a variety of personality disorders.

Largely classified by rigid “maladaptive” behavior, personality disorders are reportedly used by the Pentagon as ploys to pardon troops they see as difficult or those who profit financially from service-related injuries.

Read the original story on | Feb. 24, 2012


Theorized speed of neutrinos now under re-examination

r Nuclear Research (CERN) affirmed that certain subatomic particles, called neutrinos, were capable of surpassing the speed of light by 60 billionths of a second.

Having recently re-examined it’s findings, CERN recognizes that there are possible problems that might have occurred during their procedural discovery.

Read the original story on | Feb. 23, 2012

Drawing with description of neutrinos, which are tiny subatomic particles. (Credit: MCT)


Apple losing traction as leading smartphone maker

With rivals from Samsung to HTC to Google’s Android OS continuing to produce cheaper smartphones than the iPhone, Apple has begun to face steep competition on its quest for market dominance.

Statistics show that as it stands, the iPhone represents only nine percent of the market, with “nine out of 10 people buying something else.”

Read the original story on | Feb. 26, 2012


Women seen as most important voters on social issues

the forefront of debates during this election cycle, distinguishing candidates from one another and their campaigns have now honed in on women voters.

Representing what has now been declared as “one of the most important” voting groups, both moderate and independent women voters are receiving more attention.

Read the original story on | Feb. 25, 2012


Private sale of Philadelphia Gas Works has serious social costs

The city of Philadelphia has begun seeking out a financial adviser for help  with selling Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), the largest municipal gas utility in the U.S., to a private buyer.

Customers of PGW on average have spent eight times more on social programs than customers served by Peco Energy, Inc. in the suburbs.

One-third of the company’s half a million customers are in the low-income bracket, a greater percentage than any other Pennsylvania utility.

Read the original story on | Feb. 26, 2012

Regional Science Olympiad to be held at Cabrini

Over 1,600 students in the Greater Philadelphia area are scheduled to participate in the 2012 Southeastern Pennsylvania Science Olympiad Regional Competition.

The competition will be held at Cabrini on Monday, March 5 and feature students from 79 middle and high schools.

Read the original story on | Feb. 13, 2012

Gunman scuffles with Upper Darby police

Kenneth Stewart, 22, of Glenolden, walked into the Upper Darby police station Feb. 25, demanding that his girlfriend be released from custody, sparking a wrestling match with officers in the lobby.

“These two officers were fighting for their lives,” Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said said. “It was kind of like a mortal-combat situation.”

Read the original story on | Feb. 27, 2012

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Brandon Desiderio

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