News Briefs Issue 08

By Lia Ferrante
October 23, 2011

Occupy movement united under one thread: anger


Not everyone marches in the same “contentious lockstep” but anger over a multitude of issues is uniting marchers of the Occupy movement.Many have been searching for jobs for months and have lost their homes from foreclosures and they want their lives back. Some have been arrested for their protesting but they will not stop fighting because they want to get their point across.

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Authorities kill exotic animals on the loose


A couple that owned a 73-acre private reserve let out 56 exotic animals.  The couples were animal lovers but also had a history of run-ins with the authorities.  The owner said previously that he shot himself after letting the creatures out.  The creatures were hunted down and shot by the Muskingum County sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement officials due to the potential safety concerns.

Read the original story in | Oct. 19, 2011


Traffic signs warn drivers to stay in their cars because of exotic animals on the loose near Zanesville, Ohio on Wednesday, Oct. 19.


Gadhafi was fugitive during  his last days


Col. Moammar Gadhafi spent his last day after 42 years of absolute power in Libya surviving on rice and pasta. Throughout the siege, Mansour Dhao Ibrahim, the leader of the feared People’s Guard, always counseled the Colonel to leave power or the country. With the 2012 Libyan national election coming up soon, the country faces the certainty that even in death the colonel had hurt them.

Read the original story in | Oct. 22, 2011


Rifts between Murdochs surface


Rupert and James Murdoch were seen fighting  due to the disclosure of the widespread phone hacking at News Corporation’s British newspaper division.Their disagreement was about the clashing visions of young technocratic student of modern management and a traditionalist who rules by instinct and conviction. They were seen reassuring each other as they walked side-by-side through central London.

Read the original story in | Oct. 18, 2011


Wireless users will get alerts on excess use


All cell phone carriers will be required to  send alerts when customers are in danger of being charged extra on their account. The carriers and the Federal Communications Commission make this possible under an agreement. The agreement will start within a year.“I appreciate the mobile phone companies’ willingness to work with my administration,” President Obama said in a statement.

Read the original story in | Oct. 17, 2011


Life and death hang in the balance


Willie Cooper was awaiting a jury’s decision from being convicted of strangling his brother’s girlfriend to death. He was waiting if he would be sentenced to death. The biblical passage “an eye for an eye” was cited by the lawyer that told jurors that the ancient edict called for the death penalty only in the killing of a pregnant woman.

Read the original story in | Oct. 23, 2011


Women still cannot get top spots


Teresa Bryce Bazemore was a lawyer and noticed how men were working less and getting more recognition, more advancement, and more opportunities. She started the “Women on Boards.” For 11 years nothing has changed with local female leaders trying to get their voices across about how this issue is not fair.

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Art exhibit comes to Cabrini


Laura Velez at Cabrini College presents a drawing, painting, and sculpture exhibit that looks at identity, self-awareness and mental perceptions. She uses wax, wood mirrors, paper and acrylic paint to represent her “trajectory of the past, present and the space in between.” She is an extroadinary lady who has received awards for her art including the Angels and Eagles Award from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA).

Read the original story in | Oct. 16, 2011

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Lia Ferrante

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