Issue 6 News Briefs

By James Crowell
October 12, 2011

Memorandum makes legal case to kill a US citizen

The Obama administration drafted a legal memo last year which allowed the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, but opened the door to the killing of an American citizen without a trial.

Despite an executive order banning assassinations and protections in the U.S. Bill of Rights, the 50-page document was drawn up by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel around June 2010.

Read the original story on | Oct. 8, 2011


Romney’s stance on issues questioned

On the campain trail, Mitt Romney fended off questions from rivals about the true consistency of his conservatism.

Romney spoke about the economy at the Values Voter Summit, a gathering of social conservative activists, while reiterating at his critics that his faith,  Mormonism, is a cult instead of a respected religion.

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and others called into question Romney’s credentials.

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Former governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney walks through a crowd of his supporters during his campaign stop at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, Friday, October 7, 2011.


Prostate screenings called into question

Prostate cancer screenings may now have a different approach to weeding out the cause of death for one in six men.

According to the United States Preventive Services Task Force, healthy men should no longer receive a blood test to screen for prostate cancer because the test does not save lives and often leads to more tests and treatments.

Read the original story on | Oct. 6, 2011


U.N. uncovers torture by Afghans

The Afghan Intelligence Service and the Afghan National Police were found to have conducted widespread, ‘systematic torture’ according to a United Nations report released recently.

NATO officials said they were working with the United Nations and the Afghan government to “improve detention operations” and “establish safeguards.”

The report does not assess whether American officials knew of the abuses.

Read the original story on | Oct. 10, 2011


U.S. Economy seems to idle

Amid fears that the economy could slip back into recession, jobs are being added unevenly and at a slow rate.

European debt crisis fears are coming across the Atlantic Ocean  that could cause a ripple effect on our economy.

The Labor Department said Friday that American employers added 103,000 net new jobs.

Read the original story on | Oct. 7, 2011


Philly protests move to the suburbs

The Occupy Wall Street movement and series of portests that have swept through New York and Philadelphia, are now moving to the suburbs.

A protest in Doylestown is planned for Thursday, Oct. 13 and over 1000 other such events are scheduled to take place around the country in the coming weeks.

Read the original story on | Oct. 11, 2011


New Jersey examines clean energy programs

New clean energy programs over a four-year period beginning in 2013 are coming to the garden state.

A decision that could dramatically reshape New Jersey’s aggressive policies to reduce energy consumption and to promote cleaner sources of electricity, such as solar and wind will be coming soon.

The first four-year funding level was approved for the program for 2001-2004, which amounted to roughly $482 million — less than half of the $1.2 billion budget for 2009-2012.

Read the original story on | Oct. 11, 2011


Art exhibit comes to campus

Cabrini College will host “Permission,” an art display by Laura Velez, that aims to look at identity, self-awareness and mental perceptions. The exhibit will run from Oct. 22 until Nov. 20 on the second floor of the Holy Spirit Library.

Velez teaches drawing at the Fairmount Art Center and her artwork has won several local and national awards including the Angels and Eagles Award from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Read the original story on | Oct. 7, 2011

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