By Elizabeth Krupka
March 13, 2010

Florida makes big plans to rescue wetlands

Florida is continuing on with expensive plans to save the Everglades. This project will cost $1.75 billion. However, due to the recession the state was only able to purchase 72,800 acres of the land. In the near future Florida will move on to purchase the remaining 107,000 acres. The costliness of the project, however, will end up pushing back the actual date when the project begins.

Obama pushes Senate to finalize health care decision

President Barack Obama told members of his party that it is necessary to make a decision about the health care plan. President Obama delayed his trip to Indonesia in order to push the Senate to make a final decision about health care. Neither party will reconsider their stance, making a compromise seem impossible.

Aid given for Somalia’s needy winding up short

The food aid that is given to Somalia is not reaching the people it is meant to help. The food is ending up in the hands of corrupt members of the government. The United Nations is suggesting a complete overhaul of the entire program. Then the food, which is expected to feed 2.5 million people, will reach the people truly in need of the aid.

Obama to call for sweeping change in ‘No Child Left Behind’ law

President Barack Obama is calling for major changes in the Bush administration “No Child Left Behind” law. Two aspects of Bush’s law in particular will be targeted. Many educators say that under No Child, teachers teach to the test and so have eliminated important aspects of children’s education. Obama also will focus on changing the notion of school report cards that labels a third of the nation’s schools as failing. Obama wants to replace the pass-fail test for schools with a more detailed analysis.

Ground Zero workers reach settlement over health problems

Workers at Ground Zero who suffered extreme health issues have reached a settlement of money to cover their health issues. The settlement is $657.5 million. However this is only the settlement that 95 percent of the workers agree to the lawsuit. Each worker will get money depending on the seriousness of his or her injury.


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Elizabeth Krupka

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