New Plans for the Caf

By Marisa Gallelli
October 7, 2004

Although many people think that eating at Jazzman’s is a more healthy alternative to the cafeteria, many will be glad to find out that the cafeteria is striving to make meals more nutritious. This year, along with the other many changes that the cafeteria has instituted, the Sodexho Dining Service will be starting a program called Balance: Mind, Body and Soul. This program is being put into action in the near future, with the help of Kristin Getka, senior finance major, and Cecilia Gill, cafeteria Floor Manager.

So far, in the past, the food in the cafeteria and what used to be the Wigwam, were very much the same, fatty, greasy foods that the average Cabrini student is accustomed to. In the past year, the staff in the cafeteria kitchen, headed by Rodney Stockett, has been working to provide the student body with a way to eat better, such as, the expanded salad bar and even a vegetarian station.

Mind, Body and Soul is a holistic or integrated approach to wellness and fitness that considers the whole person. Fitness and wellness are a balance of physical, mental and environmental factors. Wellness is unique to each individual and knowledge is key. This program is intended to educate, energize and inspire. It is crucial to understand what each portion represents. For instance, mind represents information for maximizing the mind’s power and pathways for clear thinking and decision making.

There will be four main choices for meals. There will be 1,988 vegetarian that may contain eggs or milk. There are 1,124 vegan recipes that contain only plant based ingredients. Then there are 2,776 carbohydrate friendly recipes, which contain 20 grams of carbohydrates or less. Then lastly there are the 595 well-balanced foods and recipes that fit criteria based on recommendations by major health organizations for reduced calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium.

This program is about a union of mind, body and soul and also a way to succeed in creating a harmony between mind, body and soul. It’s a way you can enjoy the foods you like, without having to worry about the fat content, or how many calories are in what you are eating. The dining service has been continuous in their efforts to improve the nutritional value of the food that students are served everyday.

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Marisa Gallelli

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