New love interest? Don’t neglect your pet

By Ashley Cook
March 29, 2007

“Looks like you got yourself a man of the house already,” says your new love interest, while he observes your canine’s sharp choppers. No sooner did the words come out of his mouth; your pup plants his chops into his left leg.

Like men and women, canines can become jealous when they feel they might have to share treats and attention. You’ve just met the love of your life, but your dog isn’t about to just let him move on in. It’s important to incorporate the person you’re dating in your dog’s regular activities to prevent competition and promote compatibility

“I’d have my new love bring my pup treats.” Stephanie Saveoz, sophomore graphic design major, said. “To show that he’s not out to take my pet’s place.”

Your dog will welcome your love interest at the front door with excitement when it has accepted your love match! But, after several months of dating if your dog doesn’t warm up, you might want to check out the personality traits of your breed with your potential mate to find out if happily forever after is in your future.

“I would distribute my attention to my significant other and my pet equally.” Saveoz said.

“What has gotten into him? You ask yourself as you tied his leash to the tree.

This behavior, displayed by both male and female dogs, is a demonstration of authority. From Monet’s point of view, we’ve lived together harmoniously as a team, without another dominate male. In his mind, he’s making sure my love interest knows that he is and always will be higher in the pecking order. He also may think he is taking care of me, fulfilling his duty as a responsible dog. The wolf is a dog’s ancestor and although domesticated, dogs share the same instincts.

According to an article in, here are some tips to introduce Fido to your new flame.

Teach your doggy some manners

Give your pup less attention, and have your love interest give him more

Make meal-time quality time

Involve your new love

“I have considered my pet a member of the family.” Saveoz said. “So i’d do whatever it takes to make sure my pup stays happy.”

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Ashley Cook

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