New logo’s look lacks approval from students

By Dave Damiano
September 15, 2006

Cabrini’s new logo has barged its way through campus by kicking the old one to the dogs. Was there anything wrong with the old logo? It makes me wonder whether or not there was a need for a new one.

A new logo is a great way to help promote the escalating future at Cabrini College. But what if you can’t see it? As I look into the logo on the college’s webpage, I have to squint to see what is placed inside the crest. There appears to be a tree, two hands praying, and a genie lamp? I can’t even make out what the fourth picture is; it looks like a bleeding heart.

Okay, so Cabrini is known for trees, praying, a grotesque bleeding heart, and a Disney character who grants wishes? I’m there!

The pictures are flawed and are disproportionate with the size of the logo. I always thought that if you are going to have a logo for a company, product, etc. that you have to be able to see what it is.

“Do Something Extraordinary” is the new motto that has been launched with the logo. This is written in a banner underneath the crest, but it is very hard to see, in fact you can’t even see it at all.

I’ve talked to graphic design students in the past and I was told that a logo should be just as effective small as it is when it is big.

It seems like the person who designed the logo abandoned this rule because you clearly cannot distinguish what the designs inside the logo stand for. If you look on the walls in the communication wing, you will see showcased works from some of the graphic design students.

A lot of the work is really well done, and I wonder if the college even approached students about possibly designing a new logo.

Whether or not the college approached the students has remained to be said, but if they didn’t, I imagine the graphic design majors are very upset that everything they’ve been learning has been abolished in the form of a new logo they didn’t get the opportunity to create.

In the end, I feel that the effort and money that went into making this logo was a waste.

The ideas behind the symbols don’t make sense, it is hard to see in different sizes and it even discouraged a lot of graphic design majors with big ideas.

Dave Damiano

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