New gadgets on the rise: technology booms in ’09

By Arielle Friscia
August 27, 2009

Shannon Keough

Technology for college students: it’s the new hot thing.

The students of Cabrini College have started the new school year with new technology like the new Dell “Netbook” and “Macbook Pro’s.”

Even the new way of reading your paper or one of your favorite novels is the “Kindle.”

One of the big gadgets of the summer that came out was the new 32-gigabyte iPhone. There are a lot of new features that a buyer can get with the brand new Iphone, such as a voice recorder, where you can record videos, voice control, have a voice control application, where your voice is recognized to find a contact, or even listen to a song by saying what song you want to listen to while waiting for your mother or friend to pick up the phone.

“It’s not too expensive, but it’s not exactly cheap either,” Joe Cahill, a junior communication major, said. “Given all that you can do now with one though it is the product to own these days.”

There is also an item out there in the technology world that is still a little pricey for college students, but according to Cahill, college campuses will probably have them in the next 10 years. This high-tech gadget is called “The Kindle.”

Starting at $299, this item is not only very slim but has three-gigabytes capacity for you to download some of your favorite novels, magazines and newspapers. Instead of turning the pages you can just scroll down and read your favorite book.

A person can download up to 1,500 books to read on this high-tech gadget. The “Kindle” is great item for even previewing a novel as well. Download the first few chapters onto “The Kindle” for free and then decide if that novel is worth downloading. It is not just about the books either; you can download the newspaper or even a popular blog that is on the internet.

What about the not-so-pricey-items that are crucial for college students to have? The most talked about item for college students when heading away from home is what kind of laptop will they have. A laptop is one of the most crucial items for a college student.

One kind of small computer that has been seen all over the television set is the new mini laptop by Dell. Singing to the tune of “Lollipop,” the inviting and happy commercial makes a consumer want to go out and get one. Starting off at $299 and higher, according to Dell’s Web site they’re “colorful, small, and light weight.”

Frank Bearoff, junior, biology, premed and chemistry major, believes the Netbooks are gaining a trend amongst college students because of having the mini 12 or 10-inch screen.

“For all intents and purposes, the average college student could replace a standard laptop with a netbook since all they really do is browse the web, check e-mail, listen to music and write papers,” Bearoff said.

Easily portable as well, only weighing about two and a half pounds, a student can easily carry the netbook around the campus or to a coffee shop nearby.

“The reduced weight and size would be beneficial for the student allowing them greater mobility and perhaps encouraging them to bring their computer to class,” Bearoff said, “whereas a typical laptop is to heavy and bulky for such a task.”

There is also a way for the consumers to customize their laptop so it is original and does not look like everyone else’s on campus. When ordering your new “Netbook,” students can customize their laptop and students can get different designs to make their laptop look original.

What about the students who deal more with audio, video and any kind of multimedia?

Jamie Santoro, sophomore communications major, said he used the “Macbook Pro” to help get organized for the school year.

A “Macbook Pro” may not be as affordable as the new “Netbook,” but there are a lot of great features that Apple has to offer. Starting with a 13-inch “Macbook Pro” at $1,199, the laptop is now made out of aluminum that makes it durable, light and thin.

With a longer battery life that lasts seven hours, students are able to work longer on projects or papers that they may be writing. For anyone who is worried about going green and keeping the environment in mind, well, Apple shows on their Web site that the “Macbook Pro” is designed to reduce environmental impact.

College students can start feeling lucky because Apple has great deals for college students. If a student buys a Mac computer then the student will get a free iPod touch with their purchase.

“Almost everything you do in college in this day and age involves electronics,” Santoro said. “A good laptop can put everything together in one place. Plus the social aspect of sites like Facebook and Myspace fits perfectly with the social atmosphere of college.”

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Arielle Friscia

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