New director for graduate and professional studies

By Staff Writer
October 26, 2000

by Toccara Buckley
staff writer

You can tell by the look of her desk, covered with papers, that her job requires a lot of work and time. Nancy Allen is the new executive director of graduate and professional studies here at Cabrini.

She is just as new to Cabrini College as the first-year students. She came to work at Cabrini to help develop a well-rounded graduate and professional studies program.

The goal for this well-rounded program is to better accommodate the college’s graduate and professional studies students. Accommodation means scheduling classes around their students’ time schedules and/or building programs that can cater to their students’ needs.

Allen’s job here at Cabrini is to help blend the newly developed staff for the professional studies program. This staff consists of faculty members that were taken from different aspects of the college, such as the undergraduate staff, full-time studies staff, etc.

Currently, the professional studies program is doing teleconferences to teach its students online. There is a program set up in Wilmington, DE at Amtrak. There is also a program in process in Philadelphia at Amtrak.

Online conferencing is the start to the well-rounded program the department is aiming towards. Teleconferencing allows the student to learn via computer in the comfort of their workplace or even in their home.

Five years from now, Allen said she “hopes to see the college grow as more of a community.” She added, “I also hope to see the graduate and part-time studies student population grow.”

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Staff Writer

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