New company takes over housekeeping on campus

By Danielle Kaine
September 20, 2007

There’s a new broom on campus. Temco Services Industries is no longer the provider of housekeeping services for Cabrini College. On July 1 CSI International began providing those services for the college as part of a new two-year contract, taking over from the former provider, Temco Services Industries.

“All of our housekeeping contracts have been written for two years,” Howard Holden, Cabrini College director of facilities, said. “Housekeeping is one area where customer service, cleanliness and appearance are critical and contractors need to know we take their performances seriously.”

Holden said CSI was selected after considerable research by the facilities department, consultation from a third-party consulting firm and a final review by a committee composed of campus representatives of major users of housekeeping services.

This is its first housekeeping contract with a college or university for CSI. Its other housekeeping contracts are primarily with corporate and institutional facilities. In addition to facilities-support services, the company provides engineering and management services.

“CSI has always been interested in the higher education market segment. We see it as a great opportunity to bring our passion for service and commitment to uncompromising quality to the college environment,” Roger Garrett, CSI International executive vice president, said. “We definitely intend to seek other college contracts, but first we want to prove ourselves to the Cabrini community by keeping our promise to provide extraordinary service to the Cabrini facilities.”

Founded in 1989, CSI has 1,500 employees in 17 states and will be responsible for housekeeping services including residence hall restroom cleaning, trash and recycling removal daily, vacuuming, cleaning floors, cleaning academic, athletic and administrative spaces daily, cleaning the dining areas nightly, litter pick-up daily and project work such as deep cleaning and waxing.

Temco, an 88-year-old Manhattan-based company with over 10,000 employees in the United States and Europe, had been providing housekeeping services for Cabrini for the last two years. However, frequent changes in its staff were a factor in the change to CSI.

“The previous provider was experiencing a high rate of turnover which translates to too much focus on training and retraining and not on monitoring and improving services,” Holden said. “The current provider has a good track record of recognizing and keeping its employees and therefore can focus on the details.”

CSI’s expressed commitment to customer satisfaction is evident on its website which proclaims “We take pride in exceeding your expectations, by going the extra, value-added mile. We invest more time, effort and money than our competitors to find exactly the right people to manage your services.”

“We have heard many compliments from all sectors of the community thus far telling how much they appreciate the improved cleaning standard and a much friendlier staff,” Holden said.

Danielle Kaine

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