New-aged technology for emergencies

By Brittany Lavin
February 21, 2008

This semester, Cabrini has implemented a new emergency notification system. This system utilizes text messages as a means to alert students and staff members of any dangerous situations on campus.

I think that this is a good idea on Cabrini’s part. There have been many dangerous incidents at Cabrini in the past few years and the campus needed to find some way to be able to reach everyone.

I think a text message that is sent out right away is a much better and faster way of communication than an email sent out several hours later.

It seems that almost everyone has a cell phone these days and I’m certain the student body and staff of Cabrini are no different.

However, the only problem I foresee is the fact that the text alert is voluntary.

If only a few people sign up for the alert it won’t have the effect it is meant to have. I think it should be made mandatory for all students so they can be aware of what is happening on campus.

As a commuter, it is important for me to know what is happening on campus when I’m not there. This alert system will allow me to know what is going on so I know not to come on campus.

This is equally important for students who actually do live here so they can get to safety as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, Cabrini hasn’t had a situation like that of Virginia Tech but that doesn’t mean our campus will always be a safe place. We’ve already had two stabbings in the past three years and who knows what could happen in the future.

I strongly believe that all students should sign up for the emergency text alert. It only takes a few minutes of their time to sign up and if they won’t do it for the school, they should at least do it for their own safety.

Brittany Lavin

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