New semester, new protocols, same Cabrini pride

By Sara Horan
October 31, 2020

Photo taken from the window of South Residence Hall showing the empty campus. Photo taken by Mya Bellopede.

After months of being home and isolated from everyday life, students at Cabrini University are back on campus. With high hopes that they experience a much better semester than the last, many wondered if returning to campus in the fall would even be realistic. 

Cabrini arranged dates in which students could move in their dorms while following specific guidelines and staying socially distanced. Classes began on Aug. 31, both in person and virtually. By then, all the residents were moved into their dorms. 

Mya Bellopede, sophomore psychology major, lives on campus. This is her second year living at Cabrini.

“I enjoy the flexibility I have with my online classes because I can always go back to my dorm to do my classes, workout or grab lunch all without having to worry about ‘getting ready’ for a formal class,” Bellopede said.

Bellopede is from Drexel Hill and her family lives 20 minutes away from campus. “I can go back to my house to catch up with my family and do class there, too,” Bellopede said. She added that while there are pros to living on campus, there are many cons.

Bellopede finds herself getting lonely due to dorm visitation restrictions. She also feels that it is easy to get distracted in her classes due to being so far apart from people.

Although many expected new protocols and changes this semester, most did not expect the empty hallways and classrooms, and for life to feel so different on campus.

“Given the situation and circumstances, Cabrini cannot do much more than they are already doing,” Bellopede said. “They are attempting to make life on campus feel normal again, and they are doing a great job keeping classes in person while following the protocols,” Bellopede said. She also noted that Cabrini is allowing students to virtually attend their favorite events from years past.

Many wonder if life on campus will ever be normal again. It will take time for students to continue to get used to new forms of class. Social scenes are different.

It is important to note that Cabrini is also providing all of the usual resources, such as the Math Center and Writing Center, virtually. Our whole university is affected by the new standard of life.

This is what my classroom looks like this semester, as I chose to live home and complete all of my courses remotely. Photo by Sara Horan.

Even more importantly, many students are doing the best they can to remain healthy and protect themselves from the virus. With the few cases Cabrini has reported, students are safely quarantined and isolated from the rest of the residence halls. Students quarantine are being provided with meals and proper treatments needed in order to recover. 

I myself have chosen to live at home and do my classes remotely this semester. I enjoy living at home and all of my professors are doing a great job with teaching and holding class discussions. I feel really engaged in each class with the course material and sometimes I forget I am on a zoom call. 

I am hoping for a normal spring semester. Maybe more in-person classes, activities and social gatherings will be allowed. The Cabrini community has done an amazing job this semester. I have no doubts that they will be prepared for the spring semester.  With the protocols and new life on campus, I think hopefully next semester students and staff will be more comfortable and used to the new ways.

Sara Horan

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