The new coming of age show on Netflix called “Sex Education”

By America Lopez-Santiago
January 29, 2020

Everyone goes through that awkward stage of puberty. During puberty people learn more about their sexuality or how to have safe sex. 

Sex Education” is a Nexflix original show created by Laurie Nunn. The show is set in the United Kingdom and follows the life of high schoolers. The main character of the show is named Otis Milburn, who is a socially awkward teenager. Not only is Otis awkward, but he is also someone who struggles with sex, despite his mom being a sex therapist. 

“Sex Education” on Netflix with the show’s preview. Photo provided by America Lopez-Santiago.

The second character the show follows is Maeve Wiley, who is an outcast. Otis and Maeve meet when they find someone crying in an abandoned bathroom stall crying. They find out why their classmate was crying, and it had to do with their classmate taking three pills of Viagra. Otis then helps him with his issue and then Maeve comes up with the idea to create a sex clinic for students on the down-low. Otis agrees, and their lives become hectic with helping others with sex questions and their personals live’s intertwining with each other. 

The first season of the show touches on different sexualities, whether the people are straight, gay or lesbian. The show even shows scenes where people beat up one of the characters because he’s dressed as a woman. Another thing they show is how some people are still in the closet because their parents don’t support them and feel like they need to hide who they like. Not only do they talk about sex and people’s sexuality, but they also talk about how some people have anxiety and panic attacks.

The second season mentions how people in high school are still confused about their sexuality and how they might not understand why they aren’t like others. One student talked with Otis’s mom and found out that she was asexual, meaning they might not have sexual feelings towards others. “Sex Education” includes parental problems and the normal relationship between teens and their parents. The show also talks about teenagers causing themselves harm that might have lead to suicide if it weren’t for their friends to stop them.

“I love the show. I love it because it really opens the conversations regarding sexing they actually teach you. Without being too preachy about sexuality, genders and stuff like that. It’s also really funny,” Aiyana Martinez, English major, said.

Paige Marquez watching “Sex Education.” Photo provided by America Lopez-Santiago

 In high school, some schools provide health classes, but some just focus on the health aspect. Some school doesn’t touch on the sex education part. Teenagers need to learn how to have protected sex and have someone they can talk to about their sexuality. 

There is a sex-ed legislation in the United States that creates disparities in what public school students learn in their classrooms. Pennsylvania is one out of five states that doesn’t require their schools to have any form of sex education, according to the University of Southern California’s nursing department

“I would recommend to someone else because it actually teaches you a bit about someone’s gender and sexuality,” Noel Davenport, writing major, said. “It asks those uncomfortable questions that people don’t know if they can ask other people. It puts it in one show and makes it funny and entertaining, but it’s also true at the same time.”

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America Lopez-Santiago

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