Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ part three holds up to students’ standards

By Angelina Halas
January 31, 2020

**Read at your own risk: There are spoilers!**

Last time Sabrina Spellman was on screen, she vowed to get her boyfriend back from hell. In the start of part three, which premiered on Jan. 24, the audience catches up with the Fright Club immediately going through a portal to save Nicholas Scratch. 

This scenario set the scene for the rest of the season. Across the eight episodes, the audience is constantly on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next and aggressively clicking “next episode” on Netflix.  

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is only available on Netflix but has quite the large fan base. Photo by Angelina Halas.

“This season had a really nice pace,” junior psychology major Angelique Lewis said. “I felt like I really had to finish it.”

Lewis continued on to describe that one of her favorite aspects of this season is all of the relationships and watching the characters grow or fall apart.

“I did like that Harvey and Roz were together and I liked that Theo was finally in a relationship with Robin because we could see him truly come to who he is,” Lewis said. 

Lewis also discussed how she wished there was more of an insight into Ambrose and Prudence’s relationship and she hopes to see Dr. Cee and Hilda get married as they planned.

According to Collider, having Sabrina’s friends being more involved is what made this season great, “Season three makes the best use of Sabrina’s human friends yet, looping them into the main plot more directly.”

In the middle of the season, Sabrina and Nick break-up because Nick feels too damaged from being in hell and trapped with Sabrina’s father, the devil. This allowed for an interesting subplot leading to the realization that Harvey and Sabrina still have some feelings for each other.

Due to Sabrina being single, Lewis was hoping for a Caliban, the wannabe ruler of Hell, and Sabrina relationship as their on-and-off-again banter makes it very easy to root for them.

“I would really like to see what Caliban could’ve offered her,” Lewis said. 

@nessawo on Twitter is just as frustrated as many other fans when it comes to the intense dramatic teen love on the show.

Despite enjoying this season, Lewis thought that Sabrina was getting annoying because she was doing stupid things that she could have avoided. 

Collider agrees with Lewis’s point of view, stating, “Sabrina has never once made a tactically smart decision. Sabrina consistently seems hell-bent on making bad decisions all the time.”

Sophomore business management major Natalie Wilson thinks the opposite and believes that Sabrina is just a “badass.”

Despite embracing the show, Wilson sometimes find it hard to watch sometimes due to her religion.

“I’m very Catholic and the show is very demonic and dark,” Wilson said.

According to IGN, this is something the show has improved upon this season: “We get solid horror action and generally gorgeous and gory chaos.”

A behind the scenes look at some of the make-up that went into this season. Photo from Instagram from @gavinleatherwood.

Senior psychology major Emma Turnbach also thinks that the show is dark, but is a “sucker” for the teen romance.

“Even though the show is too dark, it’s enticing. It’s like a book I would read but instead in TV form,” Turnbach said.

As most season finales do, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” left the audience with many questions. Some are wondering what problems the time paradox Sabrina created will have, if we’ve seen the last of Caliban and, of course, what’s next with all the romances?  

There is no official release date yet for part four of the series.

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Angelina Halas

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