Netflix and chill vs. chivalry

By Marissa Roberto
October 14, 2015

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Netflix and Chill: by Brittany Palmer

The Internet is swarming with memes about it.

It is always being talked about on the most popular social media outlets and it even has its own hashtag on Twitter.

Netflix and chill has taken over the topic of discussion.

Everyone knows what Netflix is. Everyone knows what chill means.

What exactly does Netflix and chill mean together?

It is no secret that this generation is in fact a “hook up” generation, meaning many young people nowadays are more interested in a quick toot and boot instead of a long term relationship.

The question is: how does that come in to play with Netflix and chill?

“Netflix never ends with just chill,” sophomore, Taylor Bookman, said.

Bookman believes Netflix and chill is just something that guys make up to lure girls into having sex with them.

“Netflix and chill almost never means Netflix and chill. There’s always some alternative motive,” sophomore, Jenee Batts, said.

“Netflix and chill is just code for watching Netflix and engaging in some sort of sexual activity,” sophomore, Tymir Black, said.

Black was then asked if both parties are aware of what Netflix and chill really means and if they still show up willingly.

Are they okay with the thought that sexual activity will occur by simply coming over to watch Netflix?

“They are okay with this. That is correct,” Black said. “Why not just be blunt and say ‘hey would you like to come over my house and possibly watch Netflix with me but have sex with me too?’ Netflix and chill is so much more simpler to say and it just sounds bad when you bluntly tell a girl that you just want to have sex with her.”

Many males fear that if they are blunt with the female about what Netflix and chill really means, she might not come. It does not really make a difference if the male states he wants to have sex with a female or masks it by asking something like Netflix and chill because the females are quite up to date with what this little question really means.

“I mean I’ve never been asked by a boy to ‘netflix and chill’ before, but if I was, I would surely know what his true intentions were,” Bookman said. “Depending on the boy it’s not too hard to see what he really wants from you.”

Netflix and chill are two words that one would think have a simple meaning and has turned into something completely different.

Black explained that just because there is a different definition to Netflix and chill than what meets the eye, sometimes it is nice to just hang out with a girl in a relaxed atmosphere.

“A lot of guys do it but not all,” Black said.

Netflix and chill simply does not mean Netflix and chill at all who would have thought?


Chivalry: by Marissa Roberto

Chivalry has been around since medieval times and came from a knight’s code of morals.

A knight not only had to possess unbelievable strength and impeccable skills but also was expected to have chivalrous qualities. These qualities, such as honor, bravery, courtesy and readiness to help the weak, were what gave a knight a moral system to follow.

What about now?

Are there still knights in shining armor out there ready to save a damsel in distress?

The simple answer to that is yes.

Yes, chivalry is still alive today but it has evolved since medieval times.

“You could argue that chivalry can sometimes pertain to just simply being nice to each other,” Dr. Andrew Owen, sociology professor, said.

“It does not have to have a gender connotation. If you take the gender aspect out of it and just talk about the idea of basic civility, I would like to think that it still exists,” Owen said.

Junior graphic design major, Kyle Wimmer, also thinks it has to do with more than gender.

“It is about treating someone like a human being and being a decent person towards them,” Wimmer said.

Wimmer believes that nowadays it is much harder to go on a date. He believes there is a lot more pressure put on the guy because sometimes the girl gets the wrong message about what will happen on the date.

And while on the date, he believes both parties should split the bill.

“If it is really expensive I would ask if the other could pay their way,” Wimmer said. That is just equality and again treating each other like human beings.”

Some people actually do agree to split the bill. Financial situations restrict some people and paying the full amount of a meal can sometimes be difficult.

But others like sophomore Jack Dunleavy like to pay for his dates no matter what.

“I still take girls out to dinner or to the movies, and often I find that I pay for the both of us,” Dunleavy said. “I try to make my date feel like I am not the guy who is killing chivalry.”

Jack finds himself opening the door for everyone he comes into contact with and finds himself trying to keep chivalry alive.

“I have always been raised to treat women with respect,” Dunleavy said.

Growing up, parents attempt to teach their kids to be respectful of others while also demonstrating qualities that relate to chivalry.

Cynthia McGualey, science professor, believes chivalry is a learned behavior. She sees it a lot at places with men hold- ing the doors open for women.

“I have four sons,” McGauley said. “I try to teach it to them because I believe in it and I want them to be chivalrous in their relationships with their partners.”

Senior graphic design major, Stephanie Sampson, believes that chiv- alry is still alive as well.

“My boyfriend is very chivalrous and he wants to do things for me and sweep me off my feet,” Sampson said.

“Personally I do not expect anything from a guy,” Sampson said. “Whatever happens, happens. I am independent; if I need to do something I do it myself.”

Marissa Roberto

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