Need it, want it, gadgets for college students

By Ashley Randazzo
May 4, 2006

From Palm pilots to high tech computers, they all have one thing in common: every college student has them or wants them. Just in case the average Joe is missing out on the latest and greatest inventions, here’s a little help.

Most college students are consumed with a media montage of music, videos and pictures. Luckily, there are many ways to keep all those files organized and ready to entertain at any given moment. The new video iPod has taken the world by storm due to its availability when organizing special life events besides just music, as it was previously known to do.

Junior marketing major Caitlin Scott is the new proud parent of a video iPod and is absolutely in love with her newborn. “It’s amazing, I have about 1800 items on it and I still have more then half of the hard drive left,” she said.

The key to success in college is time management. To help with personal and academic goals, a palm pilot is the perfect addition to a college student’s hectic life. Brian McDowell, a sophomore business major, feels his palm was the best investment he ever made. “I saw my dad get a palm and it looked really cool when he was using it. I told him I was interested in getting one and that Christmas it was sitting under the tree.” According to prices range anywhere from $99 to $299.

Other essentials for college students include the laptop or PC and a good quality printer. There are a variety of brands of computers to choose from, and there are also a handful of operating systems to go with them. Depending on what the computer and printer is used for, a higher quality, and higher budget may be necessary.

Andrew Smith, a senior graphic design major from the University of Michigan believes that spending the extra buck was worth it for his college years. “I definitely needed a higher quality computer and printer for what I was doing in school. I now have a Macintosh notebook but that was after I had a desktop Macintosh that lasted all four years of college,” he said.

Homesickness got you down? How about a nice web camera or digital camera to make video phone calls to loved ones using free internet programs. Web cameras range in price from $30 to $150 and depending on which operating system on the PC or laptop is being used the higher the price for the web camera.

Digital cameras are very useful now more then they ever were. Going to event and taking pictures and getting them off the computer nowadays is much easier then filling out a film drop off form. Digital cameras range in price from $50 to $500 and possibly even more. The higher the price of the camera, the more functions and better quality of pictures will be.

Beth Brundo, a freshman liberal arts major, says her web camera was a great investment because it helped her get over her homesickness and missing her boyfriend. “It’s been really hard this year with so many different experiences. For the first time I’m out on my own, and I am really close to my family so I knew I needed to do something,” he said. Brundo also feels the web camera has helped her parents get over missing her so much too.

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Ashley Randazzo

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