NBA 2K12 lets gamers go old school

By Nicholas Rayner
November 1, 2011

Derrick Rose as one of the featured players on the cover.

Since there is a good chance we won’t see NBA basketball this year, it’s a good idea to purchase NBA 2K12.  The game was released Oct. 4 and is available for any system.  NBA 2K12 has great graphics along with appeal that attracts people of all ages.

The presentation of NBA 2K12 is very similar to watching a regular NBA game.  Each game gets full pre-game build-ups and animated team sheets with the commentators listing out the player names and their positions.  The crowd is realistic because they cheer and also get upset when your team is losing. NBA 2K12 even gives advertisements for upcoming games and they hand out the “Jordan Player of the Game” award after each match.  This all adds up to making 2K12 as realistic as the NBA and will definitely appeal heavily to the fans of professional basketball.

The new addition that 2K12 has to offer is the new challenge modes. Whereas in NBA 2K11, challenge mode was only offered for Michael Jordan, in NBA 2K12 we have them for 15 legendary players.  You can play out classic situations from some memorable games.  Some of the players offered in this mode are Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Julius Erving. The presentations in these matches are very realistic. If you are replaying a match from the 60’s and 70’s, the game will appear in black and white, with little commentary and realistic player attributes for the players. These modes provide a great deal of value to the game, especially if you’re a fan of old-school basketball.

There are so many great modes for NBA 2K12.  You can play an exhibition with any of the great teams of the past such as the ‘96 Bulls, the ‘86 Celtics, the ‘85 Lakers and several others.  There is also an online mode were you can play friends and random people to test your skills of the game against the best.

NBA 2K12 also offers an association mode.  This mode evolves around taking full control of an NBA franchise.  This means that you sign and trade players, hire and fire coaches and play each game for your team.  The object of this mode is to lead your team to a NBA championship and also to keep your team under the salary cap and increase the revenue for the franchise.  The association mode is a great way to make all the moves you want your favorite team to make, and have success that the franchise may have never experienced before.

The players mode in NBA 2K12 is a fan favorite.  You can create yourself and add attributes that you may not have in real life, then you can place yourself on any team in the league and help them win a championship.  This mode is a great way to fulfill your dream of one day playing in the NBA.

NBA 2K12 is a great buy for $59.99 and you can purchase it at any store that sells video games.  NBA 2K12 is a great way to have fun with family and friends and it can get you away from school work as well.

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Nicholas Rayner

1 thought on “NBA 2K12 lets gamers go old school”

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