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By Jennifer Ford
March 1, 2001

Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee Solidarity, a campus organization that promotes socialism, feminism and anti-racism, protested Mon., Feb. 12 afternoon against Al Gore’s course on community building.
The protest began on the steps of the James Union Building at 3 p.m. The protesters marched across campus to the Business and Aerospace Building, the site of Gore’s first lecture, chanting, “Al Gore’s a corporate whore. We demand so much more,” and carrying signs reading, “Practice What You Preach” and “Money’s Tyranny is Shamefully Ugly.”
The students were in an uproar over Gore’s support of NAFTA. The students felt that NAFTA promotes globalization and has a negative effect on third-world countries.
“There are much better things to protest about,” philosophy major John Hall said, “such as campus funds being put to better use instead of so much of it going to build new structures to make the campus look better.”
He believes that just as Solidarity is not censored, they should not try to stifle Al Gore’s right to speak his mind.
“This is a center of learning,” Hall added, “and we shouldn’t censor people because of their opinion.”

Colorado State University

Artwork at the buyback section of the university bookstore caused a campus commotion. The works in question are a mannequin with a fetus, blinking lights and ball and chain, and a piece with eggs that have arms coming out of them.
A casual agreement between the artist, Tibesar, and the director of the bookstore, John Parry, stated that the artwork would remain in the window as long as people do not complain.
“I didn’t get an option from John,” Tibesar said. “It’s censorship against my artwork. It’s a public university run by the state. Just because someone doesn’t like the artwork, (the bookstore) can’t take it down. Artwork creates a reaction, that’s what it is supposed to do.”
Many feel that the window should be used for book displays instead of artwork.
To solve the complaint, Parry, the bookstore director, put the artist’s name beside her work. There have been no complaints.

University of California

The Black Student Union has hard times ahead. BSU is an organization that tries to create a student’s awareness of minority views. Their goal is to promote cultural togetherness and academic achievement.
Due to a cease in affirmative action many black students enrollment to UCLA has declined.
“We’re fighting hard to end the re-segregation of UCLA,” Smith said.

Oklahoma State University

Students contemplated the future of Napster.
“The creators of Napster clearly knew it was created to swap copyrighted material,” Joey Senat, assistant professor of journalism and broadcasting and teacher of Mass Communication Law said. “They were clearly contributing to someone else’s direct infringement. In short, they’re helping other people steal copyrighted material.”
Many students agree that they feel like they are stealing their music when thy download, but they do not care. Many students state that if Napster creates a low monthly fee, they will not go to that sight.
There are several sites that offer free downloads and Mp3’s. The problem with these sites is that there is no middleman. Napster created a safe way to trade music. Other sites do not protect from hackers. The music takes forever to download.

University of Maryland

Substance-free housing offers a student a better chance to drink lighter or curb their heavy drinking habits.
The Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study, which surveyed 2,555 college students at 52 four-year colleges with substance-free housing and was released Feb. 7, found students in substance-free environments were three-fifths less likely to binge drink than those in conventional residences.
Only 30 percent of the students in controlled housing drank heavily. In unrestricted housing heavy drinking was 52 percent.
Many students choose alcohol-free housing because it removes them from the party atmosphere. They don’t want the smell of cigarettes or the noise and mess created by drunks.
Substance free housing is available to all that apply.
-Jennifer Ford

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Jennifer Ford

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