My struggle of choice- summer internship or job?

By Leonard Brock
April 17, 2015

Students are dreaming of a blissful summer, but many feel the pressure to find a great internship or job. Yet many internships do not pay and students need spending money or money for bills. Should students choose between them?

It is a hard decision for many to choose.

Choosing between a summer internship and a job is difficult  since I am living for others and myself.

When saying others, I mean my grandmother and mother. Buying books, other supplies, etc. is the reason why I have worked each summer since my enrollment.

My grandma says she understands my situation. The fact that I sometimes cannot give her money is depressing.

Despite the fact that she says that she understands, the fact is that college is expensive.

Not having money sickens me and makes me melancholy.

There have been times in which I did not have enough from working over the summer for the fact that helping my grandma is part of my job as a young man.

web summer internships finalThis is part of being a man.

Not having money to bring in the house puts me down.

My uncle was able to help me for a while but after a while he could no longer do so.

Sometimes I could not pay my phone bill because I had to pay for other essentials. That is understood.

If I want a phone I have to take the full responsibility in buying it and paying for it.

My phone has been off for almost five months.

I went one year without a phone at all.

Not having my phone turned back on has not bothered me much because of the fact that I am able to use Wi-Fi.

That has made it better in not having it as a distraction.

I can only comminucate with my family face-to- face. However, not having service makes it difficult to communicate while I am back on campus.

I just text my cousin to tell everybody I am doing fine. He does not have his imessage on so I can text him.

The fact that an iPhone 4 is obsolete does not bother me, it is not hearing their voice that does.

Sometimes people are not able to share their books with me.

I would like to do an internship in the summer but I need money now.

I understand the sacrifice.

Employers want more students to have internship experience. I am building my resume the best way I can.

That is why I signed up for CodeAcademy and have been doing personal projects. That is all I am currently working on.

That is a blessing.

This is what it always has come down to. Thinking about my future is just as essential as my present.

 It is a gamble.

Many of us are graduating and working from our parents’ home. Even as being an African-American it is even harder a chance to get employed.

I am doing my best to learn what I can through each course I have taken not only as a communication major, but just in general as a student at college.

Having the same problem as many students in not knowing if what I am doing is right crosses my mind sometimes.  Many of us are in the same place.



Leonard Brock

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