My path to Cabrini University after a 2-year gap

By Amanda Zacharias
October 14, 2019



Photo in cap and gown for Montco graduation. Photo by Monica Zacharias.

My name is Amanda and this is my journey to Cabrini University. Like every life story, mine has its ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns. I was on a great path towards accomplishing all my goals and finally getting my dream job.

I graduated Montgomery County Community College with a degree in digital broadcasting. I was the first one in my family to graduate from college. I was so proud of myself and excited for my future.  The teachers and classes there got me ready for the real world of working in broadcast. 

Photo in cap and gown for Montco graduation. Photo by Andrew Herbert.

So when I got my first job at a small TV studio in Allentown, I felt ready to take it on! And I was one step closer to my dream job. My supervisors and co-workers there taught me more about the professional world and how to get things done. We worked on everything from award shows, to doctor shows, to restaurant commercials. I got a real hands-on working experience. But my goals didn’t end there.

While working for the TV station was a great experience… I was hungry for more. So I applied for my dream job as a broadcast technician on board a cruise ship. After three long months of going through the interview process, I was on board my first ship in Florida. Working for Norwegian Cruise Line and traveling the world as a broadcast technician was one of the best things to happen in my life. I was beyond excited to be part of this once-in-a life-time experience. I was learning from and about cultures from every part of the world. I had roommates from all corners of the globe that I got to share my life with for a year. Traveling is an experience like no other that I hope to have again some day.

Photo of name badge onboard NCL ship. Photo by Amanda Zacharias.

But when things at home started taking twists and turns, I was stuck in Europe with few ways to keep in touch and with even less ways to offer my help. My brother was struggling to adopt his daughter, my mom was spending more and more time in the hospital, my dad was struggling to keep a roof over his head and there I was, trying to live the best life I could while feeling completely helpless. So I quit my job and caught the first flight back home. That helpless feeling is something I hope to never feel again.

Once I came home and things started to settle down I decided I was ready to continue my education and see what is next in my journey. After a long summer of court days, hospital stays, and long phone calls I started applying to schools and taking campus tours. My friend came to every school with me, helping to point out the pros and cons of each school. Once we came to Cabrini, her alma-mater, we both knew it was the right choice for me.

So after the ups and downs of getting to my dream job but keeping me from helping my family, here I am, at Cabrini, starting over and hoping for the best. 

After Cabrini I hope to become a social media marketer where I can keep local to home. Watching my niece grow up, caring for my mom and visiting my dad are what’s important to me now. It was nice to be away and explore the world but home is where my heart and family are. 

Family photo at Christmas time. Photo by Amanda Zacharias.

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Amanda Zacharias

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