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February 19, 2004

Angelina Wagner

Producer of “Gray Album” gets cease-and-desist order

According to a VH1 music news report, producer and DJ Danger Mouse, who used vocals from Jay-Z’s recent “Black Album” mixed with beats from the Beatles “White Album,” decided to create this new album meshing the two together. The cease-and-desist orders went out to those few independent record stores that were carrying the CD. The big no-no in the whole deal was that the producer dared to use music that is from the Beatles guarded catalog.

A representative of EMI Records sent the orders out to “control the sound recordings for the Beatles on behalf on Capitol Records Inc.” Danger Mouse told EMI that he created the album just a limited edition promo piece but apparently everyone caught word of it and copies were being found everywhere in hip-hop outlets. He has abided by the order and the album is no longer being distributed further. Since the CD had such a small press count of 3,000, no further legal actions will be taken.

Norah Jones new album hits stores

Norah Jones’ second album “Feels Like Home” hit store shelves about a week ago but record sales are climbing up the charts, according to Jam! Music. Her jazz-pop country record “Come Away With Me” sold close to two million copies and her new CD remains in the Top 30 on the Billboard charts. The new album features a duet with Dolly Parton and Jones plans on starting a new tour, which will be coming soon. The CD is further proof of her creative genius but so far so good it has been climbing the charts.

Scott Stapp writes songs for ‘The Passion’

According to a VH1 music news report, Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Creed, has put together four songs for the new Mel Gibson film “The Passion of the Christ.”

It’s been said that he’s currently in talk with his label about at least using one of the tracks to give to Gibson. Comments and interpretations have been circulating about how the film is anti-Semitic because of the depiction of the Jewish people in the role of the crucifixion. Stapp said that he didn’t hold any of these regards after viewing a screening of the film.

Writing music for the film isn’t the only thing that Stapp has been up to. He’s also currently working on a solo album with producer 7 Aurelius. There hasn’t been any release date set for the album but “Ego Machine” might be a possible title for it.

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