Music Downloading

October 2, 2003

Music is dying and each time someone downloads a song the plug is being pulled further out of the socket. It’s suffering because the loss of revenue for the music industry has cut their budget on supporting new talent. This leaves the consumer, who claims to love music above all else, with the same options that they had 5 or 10 years ago. There’s no such thing a “single” anymore. Back in the 60s, singles were songs that you couldn’t find on the album. They sold like crazy and could send a band from them depths of obscurity to the top of the charts. Singles created buzz for an album, they dictated the success of a future product and a future artist. Today, the single doesn’t exist primarily because people would just download it and not have any interest in the full album. Of course LOVEBOMB supports downloading. They support it because no one wants to pay for their songs. If they relied on album sales as their source of income, I’m sure they’d be humming a different tune.
It’s up to the consumer. If you truly love music, you’ll want to hear more of it. You’ll want variety, you’ll want something new. With the advent of iTunes and legal downloading has become so easy and inexpensive. For less than a dollar, you’re getting a quality download, you’re supporting the artist, you’re supporting music and you’re giving aspiring bands a chance. According to an article in this week’s issue LOVEBOMB wants to play the Jazzman Cafe, keep downloading music and it’s the only place they’ll be playing. You wouldn’t want your work stolen so why would you steal the work of another?

Mike Kazanjian
Full permission to print letter (but not my phone number!)

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