‘Musical Chairs’ appeals to the eye

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March 18, 2004

Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that there is much confusion as to what the Red Cloud Theater is putting on this spring. Starting on March 25, “Musical Chairs” will begin its 16 performance run with shows at 8 and 9:30 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, with matinees on Sunday afternoon. Each show only costs $5, with the second viewing costing a mere 25 cents.

Hardly reason to empty a bank account, this riveting and romantic comedy is sure to be a crowd pleaser with Cabrini. Written by a New Yorker who wanted his cast to truly listen to how the play was unfolding before their own eyes, Michael Rocks’ latest smash hit is about to hit Cabrini by storm. Despite the name, no audience seats will be switched, yet through active participation, the audience has the opportunity to cast some votes as to who will be in the seats on stage.

The five-person cast is complimented with two very distinct DJs who lead the audience in voting, as well as transitioning from scene-to-scene. Set design is minimal to say the least, and the script is a play on words, yet they both are infused together with a dynamic cast that will leave you stunned and sometimes bewildered as to who is really sleeping with whom, who is being loyal, and who is finally coming clean.

Some say this is an improv show, some say it is a comedy, I say it depends when you see it. With a selection of 20 scenes and a definite eight scenes per show, it will never be the same twice, so you can figure out the permutations for that one. I thank you for allowing me to better explain the play a little bit better to you, and hope to see you soon in the theater!

Chris Friel
Assistant Director

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