Multicultural sorority opens new chapter

By Britany Wright
October 2, 2008

Five of Cabrini College’s sophomores are hoping to change the stereotype associated with the word “sorority.” Delta Xi Phi, a multicultural sorority, is under a one-year trial period and is now accepting pledges for Cabrini’s chapter of the organization.

Dana Sciamarelli, math and secondary education major, said, “We want to better the community we live in, not have huge parties.”

Sciamarelli, along with her former quad mates Brittany O’Connor, business administration/marketing major Lauren Laird, math and secondary education major, Shannon Mulhern, business major and Spanish minor and Regina Bucher, elementary education major, had been discussing the possibility of organizing a sorority on campus last year.

“There are a lot of barriers to break to prove that we’re not bad, and especially not just faking wanting to do community service so that we can have a sorority on campus,” Mulhern said.

The barriers they had to break not only are proving the credibility of the sorority campus-wide, but in the general formation of the club. First, in order to apply for the college’s recognition of the club was to complete a registration form, have a running executive board, an adviser and five additional students who want to be a part of the club. All general information on how to create a club on campus is located at

The sorority founders not only completed the necessary guidelines but said they went above and beyond with their presentation on the purpose of the organization.

Anne Ferry-Filippone, director of student activities, said, “I’ve been working with Dana Sciamarelli, who originally proposed starting a chapter here. Her presentation was well prepared and her passion for creating positive change on campus was evident. Because of this, I think there has been a good reaction to the group’s formation. They are still in the preliminary stages, so I think a lot of people are just starting to hear about them.”

The sorority’s mission is to provide multicultural awareness through social awareness. Each month they plan to host an event on campus that promotes awareness of different social problems. The members of the sorority are required to do a certain amount of hours of community service each week that is non-negotiable.

The sorority not only has to follow the standards that Cabrini calls for any organization on campus, but also must comply with its national chapter’s rules.

Filippone said, “They must have an adviser for the group, turn in an outline of their programming initiatives for the year in accordance with their national guidelines (and implement these programs), they must follow all college policies regarding alcohol use and other substances, all student members must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the college and they cannot perform initiation rituals that involve hazing. These are some of the guidelines that were established and members must sign the contract and agree to abide by the guidelines.”

The feedback on the club thus far has been positive due to the popularity of the idea of being in a sorority. It is the first official sorority formed on campus and students are recognizing the chance to be a part of an upcoming club.

“The goal is to have 10-15 pledges after three meetings where we can really get to know them [the pledges] personally. As the first Alpha class we know just as much as the pledges do, but will work together with our Littles,” Bucher said.

The founders want to get freshmen involved with the club, providing a place where first-years can get accustomed to college life more easily.

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Britany Wright

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