MTV’s ‘The Real World’

By Samantha Bokoski
October 16, 2008

Drunken fits, bar-hopping and one-night stands are portrayed as reality on the show”Real World.”

“The Real World” is the most ridiculous illustration of reality. The producers purposely single out people who are complete opposites so they maintain their ratings. It’s the typical line-up every year: the girl with the serious boyfriend, the promiscuous girl, the macho guy, the mediator and a homosexual.

MTV fills your head with shows such as ” TheReal World” that do nothing for the viewer except entertain them with unreal drama. The selected few that are picked to appear on ” The Real World” I feel do not know what they are getting themselves into.

Not as popular as it used to be, “The Real World” still seems to attract people from across the country who are willing to throw their dignity out the window, for national television. I could never imagine having my personal life spanned across the world.

“The Real World” has lost a lot of its viewers because it has simply become trashy and a humiliation for the people on the show. Every year the same stereotypical people are cast, and of course are best friends in the beginning, but within a day the conflicts rage and screaming and cursing are all your ears hear for the rest of the season.

I would absolutely never tryout for “The Real World.” My mom would probably never want to see half of what goes on. The temptations on “The Real World” are too extreme for an average individual on a daily basis.

The temptations with unlimited booze and partying bring out the worst in people. Every year, the show consists of at least one individual getting cited for underage drinking and/or jail time for other public mishaps.

I would never want my reputation to evolve from a television series such as this, I would forever be known as “that girl on “The Real World.”

For example, Cabrini had Brooke and Robin from the show’s previous seasons come speak about voting. Yes, this was a good cause and both Brook and Robin are well-known, but everyone who has watched the “The Real World” knows Brooke as having the biggest, most out-of-control freak out on “Real World” history.

Booze, sex and clubbing -those are the realities of life according to “The Real World.” If by one in a million chances I were to go on this idiotic show I know my future would be shot, if I wanted an actual job and not just get paid for appearances. They are individuals who did nothing with their life except make it into a huge party for the time being on “The Real World;” they are not celebrities, they are us. They just put their lives in the hands of national television.

My mom despises this show. When I was an avid watchers of “The Real World” watcher, she always questioned me, asking “you know this is not reality, Sam?” If anyone in their right mind thinks “The Real World” is the real world, they need to turn off the television and actually find reality.

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Samantha Bokoski

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