MTV stars get real with Cabrini students

By Matt Stewart
September 25, 2008

lauren townsend/photo staff

Cabrini College was given a major treat on Sept. 15 when MTV’s Brooke and Robin came to speak on the importance of voting in the Nov. 4 election.

Robin was a part of the San Diego cast of “The Real World” and Brooke was a member of the Denver cast.

“Well, after doing ‘The Real World’ we were addressed to speak to colleges,” Robin said.

She also stressed the importance of forming your own opinions about Barack Obama and John McCain, and not deciding your vote because of friends or family.

“We want you guys to be educated voters,” Brooke said. The two of them agree that while the media does an exceptional job of letting voters know who the candidates are, it can be very biased as well.

In that instance, the both of them agree that the media can have a negative impact on influencing people.

Brooke and Robin did not directly state their party affiliation, but they both seemed to have their support behind Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

“Obama made me get excited about politics again,” Robin said.

The two of them spoke with the audience on the issues at stake during this election and added their own personal stories to show how much the issue can really hit home.

While at the “Gauntlet 3” cast party, Robin cut her foot on glass. Because she did not have health care, she was unable to have a doctor operate on her injury; Robin’s parents had to assume the responsibility of her medical bills.

Brooke has had her own experiences as well. She was able to apply for health insurance on her own, but kept getting rejected because of her mental illness.

She must now pay $400 a month to be covered.

“Health care isn’t a right. If education is, why the hell isn’t health care a right,” Brooke said.

Robin believes health care is important to the youth as well. “I think all children should have healthcare,” Robin said.

The two of them are hoping for a viable candidate who will fix this problem, as well as the other issues facing the United States.

When speaking on the economy Brooke said, “It’s complete crap. Who the hell knows when that’s going to get better?”

When talking about loans Robin revealed the prospect that college students could be drafted in the event of a major international crisis.

The two of them even had time to share their experiences on “The Real World” to end the night.

“I learned who cares what everyone else thinks,” Brooke said of her experience.

“It was a learning experience about myself.” Robin said “It only made me grow stronger and gave me this wonderful platform to talk to you guys.”

The reason Brooke and Robin came was that as long as students came through the door just to see the both of them, it may end up sparking an interest.

“If you’re not going to do it for your future, at least do it for your children’s futures,” Brooke said.

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Matt Stewart

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