Movie Review: “Jackass II”

By Karli Morello
October 13, 2006

Jackass Number Two” threw viewers out of their chairs laughing hysterically in the theaters last week. From the butt-hole beer bonging and the fire hose rodeo to the familiar paint ball in the unmentionables, these guys are back and giving viewers what they want, tenfold.

It all started with “Jackass” the show airing on MTV where a couple of professional skateboarders performed stunts, skits and practical jokes on their friends and family members and oddly enough, made it to national television. Soon there after, “Jackass the Movie” was filmed, which was no more than a longer version of all the crazy, out-of-line chaos that was caused during filming.

Starring Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Bam Margera and that crazy, self mutilating Steve-O that we have all grown to love, “Jackass Number Two” is funnier, more exciting and 10 times more painful than the first “Jackass.”

Sitting in the theater and listening to the uproar of laughter every two minutes made the experience even better. Sometimes sitting at home, watching a movie by your self just doesn’t cut it. Besides the movie being hilarious and teeth clenching, the audience helped each skit turn into a full-blown performance of havoc.

The movie is all too familiar to us, though. There is never a story line nor a beginning or end; it is all just funny moments rolled into a 95-minute motion picture. So what is it that draws us in? The injuries and cruelty to friends and neighbors to say the least is what brings people of all ages into the theater to enjoy a little slap-stick.

Well, Knoxville and his friends did it again and this time, they did it even better. People were laughing, people were crying from laughing and people felt the pain of the actors in the film. There were a lot of firsts and of course a lot of repeats, but somehow they get funnier every time. As Knoxville puts it, “Rectal bleeding.another first for Jackass.”

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Karli Morello

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