Move-in easier with new system

By Nina Scimenes
September 9, 2004

Angelina Wagner

New students were “kissed goodbye” by their families Sunday Aug. 30. Move in day was a day full of firsts. Not only was it the first time for many freshman to meet their roommates, and say goodbye to their families it was also the first time a new unloading system was used in the dorm’s parking lot. “This is the most organized I have ever seen move in day and I’m a senior,” said William Harmon, a third year residence assistance.

Instead of the usual chaotic cluster of cars outside of Woodcrest, Xavier, and New Residance Hall there was an easy system that eliminated traffic and fighting for parking spots. Cars were directed by public safety officers to unload all their belongings before moving into the building. Lined in the parking lot were fall athletic teams. The Cavaliers helped guided The new future alumni to their new home.

At the entrance of New Residance Hall there was a table that sold Hershey Kisses to the parents who wished to kiss their college bound students. Proccess went to St. Jude’s Childeren’s hospital. This added to the home away from home enviroment that the new stuendents were being welcomed to.

Although there was not a wait for parking spots, there was nothing that prevented the length of students waiting in line to sign in at Grace Hall. New students resiceived their room key, identification card and important information about campus. Residence Life was present handing out student activities calendars for the semester.

Among the many new freshman student faces another new face to Cabrini was Bill Zimmerman, new area coordinator in Xavier Hall. “Unloading went well, it was as productive as it could be,” said Zimmerman. He comes to Cabrini from Kutztown University and has seen his share of move in days. There were no complaints from Zimmerman about the process. He believes that the paperwork that went on in the summer helped make the move in day move as smoothly as possible.

Alumni were also present to welcome new students to their Almamater. This is the first time in a few years that Alumni helped with move-in day. “I think it’s a great chance to interact with the current students,” said Jamie Miller of the Alumni board. The Alumni helped out by handing out bottles of water that were geared in Cavalier uniforms. This was perfect considering the weather, being as hot and humid as it was.

New Residance Hall is housing about 50 freshman students this year. Currently no Cabrini students are being hosed at Harcum. A majority of seniors chose to live off campus rather than taking up the offer of the leased dorms at Harcum. The campus is full of friendly new faces and is ready for the semester to start.

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Nina Scimenes

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